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Which of the following is false? Or are they all true?
The concept ethnicity represents the term ethnicity.(False)
The number of times one swims a week as used to measure physical fitnedd is an example of a/an:
Which of the following is least likely to be a dimension of marital happiness?
Length of courtship.
Professor Lewis spends a few weeks working through what she means by deminism. She decides that it include such areas as equal treatment before the law, equality in the job market, and belief in the equality of mean and owmen. She then develops specific questions for each of these areas, such that the sums of the items creates a feminism score. In this example, which of the following reflect conceptualization?
The whole process.
Profesor Foxdire has been working with the concept of stress for several years and has seriously worked at developing a precise measure of stress. He then works harder at discovering the real meaning of stress and finally decides that stress is real and his measure genuinely reflects it. What error has he made?
In operationalizing approval for abortion, Professr Oliver is particularly concerned that the measure will reflect those oppossed to abotion as weel as those with varying levels of approval. Which operationalization choice is he confronting?
Range of indicators.
Operational definitions are more problematic for descriptive reasearch than for explanatory research because:
interpretations of descriptive statements directly depend on operationalization and definitions used.
Read the following item and then answer the questions that follows: "What is your student status?"

1. First-year
2. Sophomore
3. Junior
4. Senior
5. Transfer

Which of the following most accurately decribes this question?
It is neither mutually exclusive nor exhaustive.
GPA reflects which level of measurement?
The importance of levels of measurement lies in:
determining which statistical techniques are appropriate.
Which one of the following is false?
Precision parallels validity.
Professor Garcia decides to employ 60 interviewers in his study of teach militancy. Which one of the following most likely will be the major measurement concern?
Personnel Director Putler develops a measure of job satisfaction. She shows it to a couple of other personnel diectors to makes sure he r scael measures whta it purports to measure. She is seeking:
face validity.
Professor Peoples develops a new scale to measure love. When given repeatedly, it generally yields similar results. When correlated with a well-validated love scale, it shows a low correlation. Which one of the following statements is correct?
The scale is reliable but not valid.
Marketing analyst Harris tests the validity of her new customer satisfaction scale by testing its relationship to other variables found to be rlated to other customer satisfaction scales. She is using which type of validity?