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Where did the articles of Confederation place most of the political power?
The State Level
How many branches of gov't did the Articles of Confederation put into place?
This was the name of the US's first constitution.
Articles of Confederation
What did the articles of confederation designate as the central governmnet?
Amendments to the Articles of Confederation required __________ agreement from the states.
what is the signifigant aspect of Article 1 section 8 of the US constitution?
it defines the "general welfare"
How many independant states were brought together under the Articles of Confederation?
How many votes did each state recieve in Congress under the Articles of Confederation?
The power to coin money and declare war were given to whom?
True or False: under the articles of confederation, executive powers were placed in the hands of the president.
How long were the articles of confederation in effect?
8 years
Under the articles of confederation, how many delegates was each state allowed to send to congress?
2 to 7
What is the fundamental difference between the Articles and the current Constitution?
The articles put all the power to the states, the const. had the power coming from the people/states
These two groups signed the Declaration of independance.
Traitors and Patriots
True or False: Slaves were protected under the declaration.
What words begin the Declaration
When in the course of human events
The declaration was a resolution of _____.
What two areas cannot be ammended in the Const?
Representation in the senate and slave trade
what two ways can amendments be proposed ?
2/3 majority of congress, 2/3 majority of states + const. convention
what does article one establish
the legislative branch
how many articles are in the constitution?
What best describes the process of constructing the constitution?
a series of compromises
where was the const. convention held?