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I speak
eu falo
you speak (fam., hardly used, sing.)
tu falas
he speaks
ele fala
she speaks
ela fala
you speak (masc., form., sing.)
o senhor fala
you speak (fem., form., sing,)
a senhora fala
you speak (inform., sing.)
você fala
we speak
nós falamos
you speak (fam., hardly used, pl.)
vós falais
they speak (masc.)
eles falam
they speak (fem.)
elas falam
you speak (masc., form., pl.)
os senhores falam
you speak (fem., form., pl.)
as senhoras falam
you speak (inform., pl.)
vocês falam
to call
to work
to visit
the boy
o menino
the boys
os meninos
the girl
a menina
the girls
as meninas
a boy
um menino
some/a few boys
ums meninos
a girl
uma menina
some/a few girls
umas meninas
the men
os homens
the avenues
as avenidas
the houses
as casas