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Esta pondo
You are putting
Estao abrindo
They are opening
Estou falando
I am speaking
Estamos escrevendo
We are writing
Estou comprando
I am buying
Esta ensinando
I am teaching
Estamos entrando
We are entering
Estao chegando
You all are arriving
Estou preparando
I am preparing
Estamos regressando
We are returning
Esta terminando
He is finishing
Estou tomando
I am taking
Estamos trabalhando
We are working
Estao usando
They are using
Esta aprendendo
She is learning
Estamos bebendo
We are drinking
Estou comendo
We are eating
Esta correndo
He is running
Estou lendo
I am reading
Estao respondendo
They are responding
Estamos assistindo
We are attending
Esta partindo
He is leaving