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A solution of .2 M acetate ion and .1 M acetic acid would give a pH of 5.1. What is the value of the equilib constant K for the acetic acid?
1.6 x 10-5
If the pH of blood is 7.1 and the HCO3- concentration is 8mM, what is the conc of Co2 in blood (pK for HC
.8 mM
Concering PO4 3- and H2PO4- which is true?
a. PO4 3- is acid H2PO4- base
b. Po4 3- is base H2PO4- acid
c. both acids
d. both bases
e. PO4 3- base but H2PO4- acid or base
In the isomerization (a rxn in glycolysis) of G2P/DP if the ratio is .0475 at 25 degrees C and pH 7 what is delta G for rxn? (R= 1.987 x 10-3 kcal/mol K
-.268 kcal/mol
High Suurface tension and capillary action are due to which of the following prop of water?
a. water molecules are cohesive an dadhesive
b. high heat capacity
c. high heat of vaporization
d. great solvent
The smallest living untits capable of carrying out their own basic life funs sometime even outside the body are?
a. organs
b. organellelles
c. tissue
d. cells
What type of gland secretes produces into ducts leading ot the external enviornment?
a. exocrine glands
b. endocrine glands
c. both
d neither
which incorrectly describes the tissue type?
a. connective tissue is specialized for exchange between internal and external environments
b. epithelial tissue lines the lumen of internal organs
c. epithelial tissue forms glans
d. muscle tissue for contraction and force
e. nervous tissue for transmisson of electrical