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What are the 2 strains of polyomaviruses that affect humans? Where do they typically reside?
1.BK - kidney
2.JC - nervous tissue
Of which family are the polyomaviruses a subgroup?
Describe the structure of the polyomaviruses.
*naked - no lipid envelope
*icosohedral capsid
*dsDNA genome
Where does replication of polyomaviruses occur? Do the viruses use host machinery or viral-encoded enzymes?
Replication occurs in the nucleus of the host cell and is performed by host DNA-dependent DNA pol.
Are polyomaviruses common? How do they generally present in immunocompetent hosts?
They are ubiquitous and usually present as cryptic, asymptomatic infections.
How are polyomaviruses transmitted? Where is their point of entry?
They are transmitted via the respiratory route and enter at the oropharynx.
With what disease is JC virus often associated?
Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy.