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Issue ownership
The tendency of one party to be seen as more competent in a specific policy area
Motor Voter Bill
Legislation Allwooing citizens to register to vote at the same time they apply for a drivers license or other state benefit
Soft Money
Unregulated campaign contributions by individuals, groups, or parties that promote general election activities but do not directly support individual canidates
Party Caucus
Local gathering of party members of party members to choose convention delegates
Oppo Research
Investigation of an oppenents backround for the purpose of exploiting weaknesses or underming credibility
Prosepctive voting
Basing voting decisions on well informed opinions and consideration of the future concequences of a given vote
Issue Advocacy Ad
Advertisements paid for by soft money, and thus not regulated, that promote certain positions but do not endorse specific candidates
Retrospective Voting
Basing voting decisions on reactions to past performance; approving the status quo or signaling a desire for change
The perception that a canidate is moving ahead of the rest of the field and gaining strength
Voter Mobilization
A party's efforts to inform potential voters about issues and candidates and persuade them to vote
Electoral Mandate
The perception that an election victory signals broad support for the winners proposed policies
Presidential Primary
election by which voters choose convention delegates to voting for a certain canidate
Hard Money
Campaign funds donated directly to candidates; amounts are limited by federal election laws
Social Connectedness
Citizens involvement in groups and thier relationships to thier communities and families
Position Issue
An issue on which the parties differ in thier perspectives and proposed solutions
Front Loading
the process of scheduling presidential primaries early in the primary season
Front Runner
The leading candidate and expected winner of a nomination or an election
Negative Advertising
Campaign advertising that emphasizes the negative characteristics of opppenents rather than ones own strength
Wedge Issue
A controversial issue that one party uses to split the voters in the other party
Swing voters
The approximately one third of the elecorate who are undecided at the start of a campaign
Valence Issue
an issue on which most voters and candidates share the same position