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Issue Advocacy ads
Advertisments that support issues or canidates without teling constituents how to vote
A group of citizens united by some common passion or interest and opposed to the rights of other citizens or to the interests of the whole communitiy
Revolving Door
The tendency of public officials journalists and lobbyists to move between public and private sector media lobbying jobs
Social Protest
Public activites designed to bring attentio to political causes usaully genrated by those without access to conventional means of expressing their views
Economic Interest Groups
Group that organizes to influced government policy for the economic benefit of its members
Equal Oppourtunity Interst Group
Group that organizes to promote civil and economic rights of underrepresented or disadvantaged groups
Political Action Commitee
The fundraising arm of an interest group
Public Interest Group
Group that organizes to influence government to produce collective goods or services that benefit the general public
Grassroots Lobbying
Indirect lobbying efforts that spring from widespread public concern
Astroturf Lobbying
Indirect lobbying efforts that manipulate or create public sentiments astroturf being artificial grassroats
Interest group activities aimed at persuading policymakers to support the groups positions
Solidary benefit
A selective incentive related to the interaction and bonding among group members
Interest Group
An organization of individuals who share a common political goal and unite for the purpose of influencing government decisions
Direct Lobbying
Direct Interaction with public officials for the purpose of influencing policy decisions
Expressive benefit
A selective incentive that derives from the oppourtunity to express values and beliefs and to be commited to a greater cause
Free Rider Problem
The difficulty groups face in recruiting when portentials memebers can gain the benefits of teh groups action whether they join or not
Collective Good
A good or service that by its very nature cannot be denied to anyone who wants to consume it
Material Benefit
A selective incentive in the form of a tangible reward
Interest Group entrepreneur
An effective group leader, who is likely to have organized the group and can effectively promote its interests among members and the public
Selective Incentive
A benefit that is availabe only to group members as an indudement to get them to join
Indirect Lobbying
Attemps to influence government policymakers by encouraging the general public to put pressure on them