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the chief of staff
oversees operations of all white house staffa dn controls access to the president
the vice president's only major constitutional power is to...
preside of the senate
meeting and greeting foreign dignitaries is an example of which presidential role?
head of state
the constitution created a limited presidency because the founders...
feared a strong executive due to their experience under british rule
when a president exercises his chief administrator role, he can be compared to...
the chief executive officer (CEO) of a company
according to the text, Congress...
is rarely able to override a repisdential veto
compared to the modern president, the president envisioned by the framers was...
less powerful
the presdient's policy goals usually conflict with congress, because the president
must take a wider view of the national interest than congress
when divided government exists...
a presidents generally have less success than during period of unified government
white house staff and the president's cabinet often conflict because
staff serve the president's interest, while cabinet members serve the inters of constituencies
the presidents role as head of ___ refers to his administration of daily political matters
in his role as ___ the president acts as the civilian head of the military
modern presidents use their annual ___ to presdent their legislative agenda to congress
state of the union address
an executive ___ is a clarification of congressional policy issued by the president and having the full force of law
the controls access to the president
chief of staff
a hierarchical structure, worker specialization, explicit rules, and merit based advancement are characteristics of
the traditional model of bureaucracy
a clear chain of command with all employees knowing hwo their supervisors are as well as whom they are responsible for is an example of...
a hierarchy
the 19th century arrangement in which executives were given wide latitude to hire friends and political supporters to work in their administration is called...
the spoils system
the practice in which stressful party candidates reward supporters with jobs or favors is known as...
bureaucratic accountability refers to
the principle that bureaucratic employees should be answeable to suprervisors, all the way up the chain of command
the term "red tape" refers to...
the complex procedures surrounding bureaucratic activity
the bulk of the federal bureaucracy is...
found in the executive branch
the 15 departments that make up the major subdivisions of the federal government also represent...
the presidents cabinet
of the 1.8 million civilian employees of the U.S civil service, the president appoints about ____ employees
the term "iron triangles" refers to the
phenomenon of members of interest groups, congressional committees, and bureaucratic agencies cooperating for mutual benefit
congress exercises its control over bureaucracies through
a committee and subcommittee actions, rather than through votes of congress as a whole
bureaucracies are found in...
both the public and private sectors
the purpose of explicit bureaucratic rules is to ensure that
all people who interact w/ the bureaucracy are treated int he same fashion
because bureaucracies are so rule-based, they...
make decisions w/ accountability and fairness but also with a lot of red tape
when political bureaucratic appointees conflict with career civil servants,
political appointees have the advantage of a higher poistion of authority, but civil servants can stall to slowly kill policy changes