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The myraid relationship that individuals enjoy that facilitate the resolution of community problems trhough collective action
Social Capital
the tendency to form small-scale association for the public good
civic virtue
political scientist David B. Truman's theory that interest groups form in part to counteract the efforts of other groups
disturbance theory
organizations that seek a collective good that will not selectively and materially benefit group members
public interest groups
a group with the primary purpose of promoting the finacial interests of its members
economic interest groups
lobbist groups for a state in Washington, DC, taht advance the state's interests and report back.
Governmental Units
Federally mandated, officially registered fund-raising committees that represent interest groups in the political process
Political Action Committees
guided by a single issue
single-issue interest groups
guided by multiple issues
multi-interest groups
had a goal to Outlaw the sale of liquor
Women's Christian Temperance Union
Interest group represitative who seeks to influence legislation that will benefit his or her organization through political persuasion
the political and social movements that grew out of american's concertns
progressive movement
organized labor
First labor union created in
Union that brought skilled workers from several trades together into one stronger national orgainzation for the first time
American Federation of Labor
Open shop laws did what
outlawed unions
law that allowed unions to organized free from prosectution and also guaranteed thier right to strike, a powerful weapon against employers
Clayton Act
a group that represents a specific industry
trade association
founded in 1895, by manufactureres who had suffered business reverses in the economic panic of 1893 and who believed that they were being effected adversly by the growth of organized labor
National Association of Manufacturers
American Civil Liberties Union
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
American Association of Retired Persons
a good government group that acts as a watchdog over the federal government
Common Clause
Headed a collection of groups called Public Citizens, Inc
Ralph Nader
A publication, written by Ralph Nader, that charged the Corvair, a general motors car, was unsafe to drive. He produced lots of evidence of how the car could flip over at average speeds on curved roads
Unsafe At Any Speed
Formed in 1978 by Rev. Jerry Falwell, was widesly accredited with assisting in the election of Ronald Reagon
Moral Majority
one of Bush's first moves as president was to form this to work with religious groups to effect policy change
Office of Faith-Baseed and Community Initiatives
an active opponent of gun control
National Rifle Association
Headed by 150 large corperations, created in 1972, "fraternity of powerful and prestigious business leaders that tell 'business side of story' to legislatior, bureaucrates and etc.
Business Roundtable
pressured the government to protect concessions won from employees at the bargaining able and other issues of concern to its members
American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, AFL-CIO
Are all interest groups political
what interst groups do
they enhance political participation by motivating like-minded individuals to work toward a common good.
the activities of a group of organiztion that seeks to influence legislation and persuade political leader to support the group's position
downside to interst groups
because the groups make claims on society it can increase the cost of public policies
roles interest groups play in Politics
1. increase public awareness about important issues
2. help frame public agenda
3. often monitor programs to guarantee effective implementation
the process by which interest groups attempt to assert their influence in the policy-making process
a symbolic relationship between members of Congress, interst group representatives and affect bureaucratic agencies.
Iron triangle
what does lobbyist's effectiveness depend on
on his or her reputation for fair play and provision on accrute information
An act passed by Congress in a n effort to limit the power of lobbyists, it requires anyone hired to lobby under any member of Congress to register and file qulity finacial reports
Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995
Lobbying Disclosure act requires lobbyist to do ....
1. register with the clerk of the House and the Secretary of the Senate
2. Report thier clients and issues and the agency or house they lobbied
3. Estimate the amount of they are paid by each client
groups often target one or more levels of the executive branch because
their are so many potiential access points, including the president, white house staff, and the numerous levels of the executive branch bureacracies.
the lobbyist's effectiveness depends on what
their ability to provide decision maker with important information and a sense of where the public stands on the issue.
What act barred members of the executive branch from representing any clients before their agency for one year after leaving governmental service.
Ethics in Government Act of 1978
Amicus curiae briefs
When an issue has been raised by a Case going to the supreme courts that interests organization they will file a brief to inform Justices of thier policy preference, generally offered in the guise of legal arguments
Interests groups try to influence nominations to the federal court and they often play a role in Senate Confirmations hearings how?
they testify or file prepared statementsw for or against the nominees.
a form of pressure group activity that attempts to involve individuals who contact thier representative directly in an effort to affect policy
Grassroots lobbying
was founded to support pro choice democratic women candidates, especially during party primary election contests
EMILY's List
EMILY stands for
Early Money Is Like Yeast, it makes dough rise
groups accross the ideological spectrum launch what
Get-out-the-vote efforts like indentfying prospective voters and getting them to the polls on Election Days
political action committees
committees formed by corporations, labor unions and interst groups
Role of PAC Money
money raised to contribute to political candidates in national elections
_____ is essentially the politics of small group, _____ tactics are not remarkable sucessful in mobilizing general interests
Pressure politics, Pressure
Interest groups shape the public agenda by...
winning elections, maintaining the status quo or obtaining favorable legislation or ruling from Congress, executive agencies or the courts
Phenomena that contribute to interst groups' successes
Leaders, patrons and funding, members
Most successful groups are led by charasmatic individuals who devote most of thier energies to the group
persons who finance groups
organiztions are composed of 3 kinds of members
top tier- small number of leaders
2nd tier - acitve members, workers of the group
Bottom tier - rank & File, don't actively participate, most members fall in this group
somthing of value taht cannot be withheld from a nonmember of a group, for example, a tax write-off or a better environment
collective good
potential members fail to join a group because they can get the benefit, or collective good, sought by the group without contributing the effort
Free riders problem
factors that overcome the free rider problem
1. members representing other groups or institutions are much more likely than individuals to value efforts to obtain collective goods
2. once a policy environment appearts to threaten existing rights, many individuals come to realized those threats and join groups in exchange for only collective benefits