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Nixon's Program was ____________________
New Federalism, combined programs for states into "block grants" that they could use as they wanted to
What is "Revenue Sharing"?
Program under Nixon where money from rich states was shared with poorer states
Clinton's Program was _______________
New New Federalism, more power and money back to states
Bush's Program is ___________________
mix of power back to states, but requirement to meet federal standards (unfunded mandates)
What is "Full Faith and Credit" clause?
Contracts made in one state must be recognized in all states
What is Home Rule?
Towns are given charters to manage themselves with less state control
What is Cooperative Federalism?
Agreements between states to manage shared resources, such as rivers or ports
First Ten Amendments are also known as ________
Bill of Rights
Federalism in which the states give only limited powers to the national government is called _________________
State-centered federalism
Federalism in which states give most powers to the federal government is called __________________
nation-centered federalism
Devolution means _____________________
Power is devolving, or moving back, to the states
Another name for a very limited state-centered federalism is _____________
What was the first federal government in the world?
The U.S.
The federal system was used to limit what?
Mischief of Factions, or mob rule
What is the risk of federalism?
States my try to secede if they don't like the federal goverment, as some did in the Civil War
What three clauses in the Constitution strengthen national power?
"Necessary and Proper"
"Implied Powers"
What is the necessary and proper clause?
Congress may pass all laws necessary and proper to carry out its assigned powers
What is the implied powers clause?
If a specific power granted to Congress requires some other action, then Congress has the power to take that action also
What is the supremacy clause?
If the national government signs an international treaty, that treaty must be honored by the states
What is the tenth amendment?
Any powers not specifically given to the national government are reserved to the states and the people
What's the significance of "McCulloch vs. MD"?
Tested necessary and proper clause, Supreme Court decided that federal government could establish a national bank under that clause.
Roosevelt's Program was __________________
New Deal - expanded size and power of federal government
Johnson's Program was _______________
Great Society, expanded federal gov't more but gave money back to states for welfare