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Federalist Papers
Essays by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay supporting the Constitution and ratification of it
The Great Compromise was _________________
Agreement to have a bicameral legislature, one house based on state's population and the other on equal representation for each state
Connecticut Compromise
another name for the Great Compromise
Three Fifths Compromise
Agreement that states could count three fifths of their slave population in determining number of representatives
Framers guaranteed "Fragmentation of Power" by what three methods in the Constitution?
Federation - states kept many powers
Separation of Powers - 3 branches of gov't
Checks & Balances - overlapping powers
Constitutional framers could have been influenced by what Indian tribe?
Framers emphasized political theories, but also insisted on ________________ rights
Economic rights
The Constitution can be changed by what three methods?
Judicial interpretation
Political Practice
What are examples of Political Practice having an effect on our form of government under the Constitution?
Committee system in Congress, or
Establishment of Departments and Cabinet
Emancipitation Proclamation
By Lincoln, said slaves were to be freed (did NOT include right to vote)
Importance of Gettysburg Address
Lincoln felt Constitution had abandoned principles of equality, raised status of Declaration of Independence
Reconstruction Amendments served what purpose for Lincoln?
Added principles of equality from the Declaration into the Constitution
What are the Reconstruction Amendments?
13 - abolished slavery
14 - gave all born or naturalized in US status as citizens
15 - said all citizens could vote (did NOT include females)
Effect of Great Depression and New Deal on our government processes?
Brought Supreme Court into prominence as it ruled several New Deal laws were unconstitutional
What happened to our government under Roosevelt and the New Deal?
Great increase in size of government, an example of "political practice" as a change to the Constitution
"Rendition" in relation to our government
We cannot torture people, and terrorists won't confess, so we send them to other countries where they can be tortured to get information
What is the "Watergate"? (NOT the Watergate Scandal, the name itself)
An appartment building near the Kennedy Center in D.C.
Nixon refused to hand over tape recordings. The Supreme Court had to rule on whether he should. What was their constitutional problem?
If they ruled that he should and he refused, they had no power to make him give up the tapes; would be seen as powerless.
The Watergate tapes proved what about Nixon's involvement in the break-in to the Democratic Party Offices?
He had NOT ordered it, but became aware of it and tried to cover it up
First Constitution of the U.S.
Articles of Confederation
Shay's Rebellion
Uprising by farmers in Massachusetts, wealthy feared "mob rule"
Why did Framers of Constitution want Indirect Democracy?
to avoid mob rule, or mischief of factions