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What is Civilian Supremacy?
Civilian authory over military authority.
What is a State?
A politically organized community that meets 5 (five) basic requirements.

1) Population
2) Territory
3) Permanence
4) Government
5) Soveriegnty
What is a Government?
Institutions and processes through which public policies are made for a society.
What are Politics?
What determines which governmental leaders are selected.

Deciding what polices are adopted about public issues.
What is a Unitary distribution of power?
The power rests with a centeral government.

State government has little or no power.

Citizens vote for Centeral Officials.

Ex: State Governments
What is a Confederate
distribution of power?
Most of the power rests with Local Government.

Little power resides with Centeral Government.

Citizens vote for State Officials.
What is a Federal
distribution of power?
The power is shared between the Centeral and State Governments.

Citizens vote for both sets of officials.
What is Anarchy?
When things are in chaos and there is No Government.
What is Individualism?
When the Government does only what is absolutely must do.

The people take care of themselves.
What is a Welfare State?
When the Government takes more care of the people than they do of themselves.
What is a Social System?
The Government has ownership and control of principle means of wealth distribution.