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Office of Management of the Budget. Responsible for creation of budget,
When not in majority, how do presidents get legislation passed?
Pull decisions into the white house (exec orders)
Carefully screen apointees
Utilize veto
Go public
If the presidents can win the publics backing, opponents and in congress may shrink from a fight because they don't want to offend voters.
How can a president go public?
takes a lot of time and energy.
Go Prime Time on Television
Public Speeches
Expanded and Eroded--can change the channel now
Examples of going Public
Regan's Budgets, Bush 1 and the war, Clinton
Why would going public fail?
No room to compromise after going public and stating your views
Issue has to resonate
If president has low approval rating
Imperial Presidency
Going over the heads of Congress
JFK (1961-63)
Accelerate involvement in Vietnam (with little discussion with Congress)
Large Domestic Agenda
Massive Effort in Space Program
Lyndon B. Johson (63-68)
Great Society (war on poverty)
Medicaid and Medicare
Full Scale Draft
Lied to Congress to get more support for war
Richard Nixon (69-74)
Prolonged and expanded war in SE Asia
Impounded Funds for Programs (ignored Congress appropriations)
Domestic Servaillance
Why does imperial presidency crash and burn?
Modern Presidents: Reagan
Aggressive and Organized
First term slowed by recession
Second term slowed by iran cantra scandal
Modern Presidents: Bush 1
Focus on International Policy
Huge Popularity during Gulf War
fades with economy
Modern Presidents: Clinton
Disorganized when entered office
Lost both houses of congress in 1994
Very successful at fighting congress
Triangulation. GOP nor Dem right, he was
Modern Presidents: Bush 11
Supreme Court placed in office
Moderate approval pre 9/11
90% approval after 9/11
Struggling now. Iraq, Katrina, Harriet