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What is the check on the Presidents role as Commander In Chief?
Congress can declare war, and can raise armies
What does the President do as Chief Diplomat?
Appoints ambassadors, receives ambassadors, enters into treaties
What is the check on the Presidents role as Chief Diplomat?
Senate has to vote 2/3 on a treaty
What does the President do as Legislator?
Veto Power
Can adjourn and convene Congress
What is the check on the President's role as Legislator?
Senate can override a veto with a 2/3 vote.
Youngstown Case
When Congress hasn't stuck out a position, the President can't really say what their job is in that case.
Neutrality debate. Hamilton v. Madison
France and Britain at war. France had saved our butts, we did a lot of commerce with Britain. Washington says impartial. Does washington have this authority? Hamilton says yes, Madison not all non mentioned powers go to president so no
U.S vs Curtis Wright
unlimited and exclusive power of the President in the field of international relations
First Mover Advantage?
Presidents have it. Can commit troops before a declaration of war.
War Powers Resolution as weak check
Pres has 48 hours to tell congress about moving troops. If Congress does not give permission, President must pull out after 60 days.
President as Head of State
broad authority to transact diplomatic affairs.
Executive Agreement
Cannot supercede U.S law, unlike treaty. Remains in force as long as both parties' interests are met.
Exec Agreements checked by Congress and the courts
The Case Act 1979...too many exec agreements, must report within 20 days to congress
Executive Privelege
Can withhold info from Congress and courts--exec privelege
Nixon people break into Dem. Headquarters to get info. Nixon says tapes under exec privelege. too bad, must hand them over.