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American democracy operates under a principle of majority rule with...?
minority rights.
The institutions and processes that society uses to make decisions is known as...?
What is the most basic definition of democracy?
Rule By the people.
Which of the following is an aspect of direct democracy that is currently used in the United States?

a.Caucuses and primaries
b.the president's cabinet
c.Presidential elections
e.Congressional elections
d. propositions.
Which institution is most clearly a form of representative democracy?
Majority rule means that...?
The governments enacts policies that more than half of the people want.
When compared with other countries, American democracy has a disproportionately large number of...?
Who has a monopoly on the legitimate use of force?
In a monarchy, power is determined by...?
A fundamental aspect of American democracy is...?
Personal Liberty.
According to Thomas Hobbes, what was man's natural state?
The idea that government authority is given by the people to the government is known as...?
popular consent.
What kind of equality do Americans typically believe in?
One person, one vote.
Representative democracy is a form of...?
indirect democracy.
Government by a few leaders who obtain their positions through heredity is known as...?
an aristocracy.
A type of democracy in which ordinary people make the laws themselves is called...?
direct democracy.
Most Americans...
are not very attentive to politics.
According to John Locke, what is required for government legitimacy?
The consent of the governed
Who wrote Leviathan?
Thomas Hobbes
The bulk of the Declaration of Independence lists...?
complaints against the British.
What are natural rights?
Those rights that are inherent in all people and granted by god
The Declaration of Independence borrows heavily from the writings of...?
John Locke.
The Declaration of Independence says that people are entitled to ...?
"life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
Which best describes the relationship of the states under the Articles of Confederation?

a.Most powers rested with the national government
b.the states and the national government shared powers equally
c.a strong federal government
d.a loose relationship between independent states
e.a strong unitary government
a loose relationship between independent states
Who participated in Shays' Rebellion?
indebted farmers.
Why was the Constitutional Convention of 1787 convened?
To revise the Articles of Confederation
When drafting the Constitution, which proposal called for equal representation of each state?
the New Jersey Plan
The Three-Fifths Compromise settled the debate over
whether slaves would be counted when determining population and representation in the House.
The U.S. Constitution is designed to...?
separate powers.
how does the executive branch check the legislative branch?
The president vetoes legislation.
Who most strongly advocated for ratification of the Constitution?
the Federalists
For the Constitution to go into effect, how many states needed to ratify it?
What concession was made to the Anti-Federalists before the Constitution was ratified?
the addition of a bill of rights
How many times has the Constitution been amended?
A system that gives each branch some oversight and control over the other branches is known as...?
checks and balances.
Which of the following is a way that the judicial branch checks the legislative branch?
Courts can declare laws unconstitutional.
What was to main purpose for writing the Federalist Papers?
To advocate for ratification of the Constitution
Which of the following is a method of amending the Constitution?
Amendments are proposed by two-thirds of both houses of Congress and then ratified by conventions in three-fourths of the states.
What is federalism?
the division of government authority between a central government and smaller units, such as states
If Dennis and Becky get married in Florida and then move to Pennsylvania, what constitutional provision ensures that their marriage is valid in their new state?
the Full faith and credit clause
The Tenth Amendment states that powers not given to the federal government (and not prohibited by the Constitution) are given to...?
the states or the people.
Which of the following powers is shared by the national government and the state governments?

a.the power to establish local government
b.the power to coin money
c.the power to declare war
d.the power to conduct foreign relations
e.the power to tax
e. the power to tax.
The specific powers granted to Congress by Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution are known as...?
the enumerated powers.