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Aspects of political culture
- Religion
- Economy- free market (individual responsibility)
- Traditions- social ideals (participation in government)
Political culture
- The system of empirical beliefs, expressive symbols, and values which defines the situation in which political action takes place
- Legitimacy of government, gut feelings that sustain a political system
- Psychology of the nation in regard to politics
- Trusting of the government
- Political system greatly influenced by people's perception of the role of government
- Americans feel it is their right tio have a say in the way the government runs
Public opinion
- Seeks responses to current questions about an administration
- Liking of the current administration
- Well-educated
- Understand they are citizens
- Pay attention to politics
- Believe they can influence politics to some degree
- Not afraid to organize rallies
- Passive
- Not proud
- Little emotional commitment
- Do not even feel they are citizens
- Expect little
- Pay no attention to politics
- Identify with immediate authority
- Little desire or ability to participate (no political competence and efficiency)
- Feel powerless