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Presidential Veto
A presidents authority to reject a bill passed by congress; may only be overridden by two-thirds majority in each house
Cycle Effect
The predictable rise and fall of a presidents popularity in different stages of a term in office.
Formal agreements with other countries; negotiated by the president and requiring a two-thirds Senate approval
A presidential advisory group selected by the president, made up of the vice president, the heads of the fourteen executive departments, and other high officials to whom the president elects to give cabinent status.
Presidential Style
The Image projected by the president that represents how he would like to be preceived at home and abroad.
Executive Office of the President EOP
Collection of nine organizations that help the president with his policy and political objectives
White House Office
The approxmately five hundred employees with the EOP who work most closely and directly with the president
Head of Government
The political role of the president as leader of a political party and chief arbiter of who gets what resources
Solicitor General
The justice Department officer who argues the government's cases before the Supreme Court
Head of State
The apolitical unifying role of the president as symbolic representative of the whole country
Senatorial Courtesy
Tradition of granting senior senators of the presidents party considerable power over federal judicial appointments in thier home states
The presidents role as the top officer of the country's millitary establishment
State of the Union Address
A speech given annually by the president to a joint session of congress and to the nation anouncing the presidents agenda
Executive Order
A clarification of congressional policy issued by the president and having the full force of law
Power to persuade
A presidents ablity convince congress, other political actors, and the public to cooperate with the administrations agenda.
Divided government
Political rule split between two parties; one controlling the white house and the other controlling one or both houses of Congress
Council of Economic Advisors
Organization within the Executive office of the president that advises the president on economic matters
Chief foriegn Policy Maker
The presidents executive role as the primary shaper of relations with other nations
Executive Agreement
A presidential arragement with another country that creates foriegn policy without the need for senate approval
Chief Administrator
The presidents executive role as teh head of federal agencies and the person responsible for the implementation of national policy
Going Public
A presidents strategy of appealing to the public on an issue, expecting that public pressure will be brought to bear on other political actors
National Security Council
Organization within the excutive office of the president that provides foreign policy advice to the president
Office of Managment and Budget
Organization with the Executive office of the president that oversees the budgets of departments and agencies
Pardoning Power
A presidents authority to release or exuse a person from the legal penalties of a crime
Legislative Liason
Executive personnel who work with members of congress to secure thier suppport in getting a presidents legislation passed
Inherent powers
Presidental powers implied but not explicity stated in the Constitution
Honeymoon Period
The time following an election when the presidents popularity is high and congressional relations are likely to be productive