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National Obligations to the States
Territorial Integrity
Representation in Fed. Gov't.
State Governments
Role of States in National Gov't
Governors fill senate vacancies
Voting procedures/qualifications
Constitutional/amendment ratification
Electoral votes for President
Factors in growth of Federal Gov't powers
Judicial Review
Implied Powers
McCulloch v. Maryland
Power of U.S. Gov't doesnt derive from states (ex: no state can tax federal property; i.e. U.S. bank)
Judicial review
[Marbury v. Madison 1803]
power given to Supreme Court to review and interpret Constitution
13th Amendment
Ended slavery
14th Amendment
No state can deny any person equal rights of the law
15th Amendment
voting rights for black men
19th Amendment
Women's right to vote
26th Amendment
18-21 yrs. right to vote
16th Amendment
[Federal Income Tax]
gave gov't further control over states. Used power to get support of states on policies.
U.S. v. Lopez
states given back power; end of using interstate clause to build up power of federal gov't.
Centralized Federalism
Civil Rights Movements
New Federalism
more money given back to states to do what they wanted to do
Full Faith and Credit
states respect laws and judgements of other states
Interstate Privilages & Immunities
guaranteed full protection/privilages of any state (regardless of your home state)
criminals have to be returned to states that they committed crime in; can't flee to another state for protection
Interstate Compacts
agreements b/w states must be approved by Congress
Psychological Factors Related to Voting
Sense of Civic Duty
Political Efficacy
"Not important"