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The ____ , which ended in 1763, forced a change in British polices toward the colonies from one of neglect to a more active role in governing and taxing the colonies.
French and Indian war
Which of the following was not an act of the British government to finance the war debt or subsidize the costs of defending the frontier that led to conflict with the American colonies?
Patriot Act
Thomas Jefferson relied on the political writings of ______ in drafting the declaration of independence
John Locke
Delegates from five states met in ____ in 1786 to begin discussing possible amendments to the articles of confederation
____, an uprising of debtors, led property owners to call for a stronger national government to deal with the radicalism of the 1780s
Shay's rebellion
Which of the following isssues was not a source of the conflict prior to the opening of the constitutional convention?
What was the purpose of government
Which state failed to send delegates in Philadelphia when it met in may of 1787?
Rhode Island
In addition to their belief in a written constitution, the founders believed in dividing power within government by creating separate bodies able to.....
check and balance one another's powers
the political forces of 1780s that opposed a sstrong central government and favored state-based decentralized government were called...
The most controversial issue in the constitutional convention was
The plan that proposed a two-house congress with the lower house chosen by the people and representation based on population which favors the large states was called the...
Virginia plan
The plan that provided for each state to be represented in congress with one vot regardless of its size and population is known as....
New Jersey Plan
The proposal that established 2 houses of congress, a senate with 2 members from each state and a house of representatives with state representation based upon population is known as......
Connecticut Compromise
The framers attempted to avoid the issue of slavery, in particular representation or the slave trade by referring to slaves as
other persons or such persons
The constitution contained a provision that provided that the slaves of each state would be counted for purposed both of representation in the house of representation and of apportionment for direct taxes by counting them as ....
3/5th of a person
After much debate over voter qualifications, the convention approved a constitution which made voting the responsibility of the....
Historian Charles A Beard viewed the constitution as
An Economic document
The constitutional power to tax and spend is given to
While the president is the commander in chief, only congress has the explicit power to...
Declare war
In negotiating treaties and appointing ambassadors, the president must seek the....
Advice and consent of the senate
Which of the following is not a duty of the president?
Raise an army and navy
Of the four decision making bodies created by the 1787 constitution, the only one directly elected by the people was the....
house of representatives
The constitutional allocation of powers among the three branches of the national government is called .......
separation of powers
The founders stipulated that the constitution would take effect when ratified by...
9 of the state ratifying conventions
The major media campaign waged by the founders to obtain ratification for the constitution was a series of essays entitles....
the federalists papers
James Madison, Alexander, Hamilton, and John Jay issued a series of 85 press releases under the pseudonym.....
One of the methods of proposing an amendment to the US constitution is...
by a vote of 2/3 each of US house and Senate
One of the methods of ratifying a constitutional amendment to the US constitution is...
by passage in the house and senate with 3/4 vote for approval
The only amendment to the US constitution ratified by state ratifying conventions was that concerning....
Repeal of prohibition
The US constitution currently has ___ amendments
In the 1990s, the passing down of responsibilities from the national government to the states was referred to as...
Elements of .... are still to be found in property and land laws, water laws, rights, and community property laws as well as the Texas Constitution
Native American Tribal laws
Still smarting from reconstruction abuses, the delegates to the 1875 Texas constitutional convention considered government ____ thereby creating the framework for the current government in Texas
A necessary evil that had to be heavily restricted
The......, formed in 1873 to improve the lot of the farmers, directly influenced constitutional provisions limiting taxes and governmental expenditures and restricting banks, railroads, and other corporations.
The Texas Constitution has been amended ___ times
400 plus and counting
____---- is the author of common sense, an essay tht moved public opinion towards independence in 1776.
Thomas Paine
Thomas Jefferson accused _____ of being a tyrant in the declaration of independence thus justifying the movement towards revolution
The king of England
The articles of confederation required _ states to agree on the passage of legislation
The articles of confederation required --- states to agree on amendments to the articles
The United States House of representatives in 2005 has --- 435 members and the United states Senate in 2005 has --- members
435, 100
A member of the US house serves a --- year term and a member of the US senate serves a --- year term
2, 6
Under the original Constitution, US senators were----
Appointed by the legislators of their states
Which of the following is not a power of the united states Congress?
Regulate interstate and intrastate commerce
The US constitution, as amended, provides that the president may serve
a maximum of two terms
Pursuant to the constitution, the max number of years a president may serve is __ years
which of the following was not an anti-federalist
In which decision did the US supreme court declare organized prayer in public schools unconstitutional?
Engel v vitale
Which of the following terms was not included in the miller definition of obscenity
Presents a clear and present danger to the community's morality
The Supreme court's decision in ____ provides that the police must inform you of your constitutional rights before questioning
Miranda v Arizona
The Supreme Court declared that a "zone of privacy" exists in the bill of rights in which of the following cases?
Griswold v. Connecticut
A constitutional arrangement whereby power is divided between national and state governments, each of which enforces its own laws directly on its citizens, is
Article VI of the constitution provides that the ____ is the supreme law of the land
US constitution
In a unitary sytem of government formal authority rests with the ......
national government
In a confederation of states, formal authority rests with the....
Under federalism, the essential day to day services, such as fire and police protection, are provided byt the....
state and local governments
The full faith and credit provision of article IV is the focal point of the current controversy over....
same sex marriage
The powers of the national government can be found in...
article one, section 8
Powers specifically mentioned in the US constitution as belonging to the national government are called...
Delegated or enumerated powers
The principal source for the national government's implied powers can be found in the constitution's...
Necessary and proper clause
Powers exercised by both the national and state governments in the federal systems are called...
concurrent powers
embodied in the 10th amendment, powers not granted to the national government nor specifically denied to the states in the constitution belong to the state and are the .....
reserved powers
Attempts during the 1970s and 80s to return power and responsibility to the states and reduce the role of the national government in domestic affairs is called.....
Federal orders imposing regulations and their costs on state and local governments without reimbursement are known as...
unfunded mandates