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Who provides all of the emergency services and a number of the non-emergency services as part of the overall Fire Departments commitment to fulfill the Mission Statement
Emergency Services Burearu
Each Emergency Services division provides what emergency services?
-Fire Suppression
-First Responder
-Rescue services
-Disaster services
What are the non-emergency functions we are responsible for that help to keep the community safe?
-Training FF skills
-Physical fitness
-Pre-fire planning of major fire risks
-Keeping apparatus and equipment in a ready state
-Fire safety education for the public
-Conducting fire drills
-Preventive maintenance on all fire hydrants
-CPR training for citizens
and City Employees
-Buildings/grounds maintenance
What are the most important functions in the non-emergency firefighting divisions?
-Inspection of commercial occupancies as directed
-Fire hazard complaint inspections
-Inspection of firework stands, assure only legal fireworks are being discharged or sold
-Fire safety education at block parties, station tours upon request, school presentations.
What is any short term activity that will not be repeated and typically results in a tangible end product, such as new community event, or a study group report.
Typically, What results in expansions or modifications to Department programs or changes in Department policy and procedures
Which one of the following are assigned on a need basis. A project or program???
What is an ongoing activity that directly accomplish the goals and objectives that are necessary to meet the Fire Department Mission Statement.
What are some examples of some programs
Maps, protective clothing, pre-fire planning, and equipment.
Who gives out information regarding emergency incidents
-Chief or PIO
What is the rule about using a civilian for extreme emergency situation
If they volunteer
-18 years+
-Good physical condition
-Obtain name, address, and DOB for report
Any member of CFD who finds valuables or money shall report his/her findings to???
The IC
If the IC cannot find the owner of lost valubles he should...
Give the law enforcement officer property and recieve a recipt for property
What happens if someone complains about a member loosing or stealing valuables?
Report to the IC then report shall be forwarded to the BC for investigation
When we disrupt utilities to a home/apt. Who shall the IC advise the property owner to to restore services?
Utility Co.
When would we CFD ever restore utilities for a property owner?
Only, in the judgement of the officer in charge, that the restoration of the service would not create a hazard.
What do you do when you encounter an emergency when you are already enroute to a call?
The Company officer shall notify dispatch and take whatever action may be necessary
What is IDLH
Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health
Two in two out states that interior fire attack operations on all structure fires where it is determined that interior fire conditions are beyond the incipient stage, shall not be initiated untill a min. of how many Fire fighting personnel are on scene.
Five (5)
What is the exeption to the two in two out ploicy???
This policy is not ment to preclude firefighters from performing emergency rescue activities before the minimum number of personnel are assembled.
What does it mean to be appropriately equipped
Req. PPE for incident
What is an IDLH atmoshere??
An atmosphere that poses an immediate threat to life, would cause irreversible adverse health effects, or would impair an idividual's ability to escape from a dangerous atmosphere. Any structure fire beyond the incipient stage is considered to have an IDLH atmosphere
What is an incipient stage fire???
A fire which is in the initial or begining stage and which can be controlled or exinguished by portable fire extinguishers, class ll stande pipe, or reel line, without the need for SCBA
Interior Structure Fire Fighting
The physical activity of fire suppression, rescue, or both inside of buildings or enclosed structures that are involved in a fire situation beyond the incipient stage
RIT What is it and its role
Rapid Intervention Team having a min. of 2 properly trained and appropriately equipped personnel standing by to provide effective
What is a communication rule for interior fire attack?
Must have voice or visual contact at all times, Radios do not count.
What other roles can the RIT team be involved or not involved with?
One Firefighter is dedicated to tracking and accounting for the Firefighters initiating the rescue. The other one may be assigned to IC, Safety, Planning Ect. As long as these assignments can be abandoned if nessesary
Who will NOT normally be considered to be a standby person for the two in two out policy?
BC that is en route to the scene and the Engineer on a pumping Engine
Examples of 4 other identified emergency incidents, that could require a RIT are..
-Trench rescue
-Confined space rescue
-Any other incident having significant risk
- all of these have potential for IDLH
In a high rise fire RIT will be assigned to what positions? Give some examples.
stand by positions such as- resource staging area, or lobby staging area, ect.
Name 7 example tools the RIT might carry
-Sprinkler wedges
-Bolt cutters
-Hand tools
-Extra SCBA (RIT Bag)
Where is the laminated RIT check list kept????
On every apparatus in the pre-plan book for quick reference.
Who do you call when you are sick??
In phone or by person to the Staffing Captain. If there is no answer call your scheduled work station, if there is no answer then call dispatch, have them advise the BC.
What is the number to dispatch?
Not sure if this is updated
When do you call in sick?
ASAP, or no later than 0645hrs in the morn. of your first shift. If you are still sick for the second day of your shift you will need to call in by 1700hrs the evening prior to your second shift
What is considered a long term illness?
Any illness in excess of two 24-hour shifts
Who does a sick Firefighter call if they are going to have an extended illness.
BC (A.S.A.P.)
What do you do if you have insufficient sick leave to cover absence?
Use holiday, CTO, or vacation time instead.
What documentation is required to return to work after a off the job injury
Doctors slip approving a return to work
What color is the Leave Use Authorization slip?
What documentation does a Captain, or person, taking the call in for a sick or injured employee fill out?
A yellow Leave Use Authorization slip.
What do you or your Captain do with the Leave Use Authorization Slips once they are filled out?
Put in an inter office mail envelope and sent to the Department Secretary before the company Officer completes their shift at 0745 hours
How often does an outside employment request form have to be submitted?
Changes in address or telephone numbers shall be repoted to the commanding officer with in how many hours of the change?
What is the major concern with the vehicles on truck deck (personal) policy?
No inoperative vehicles, and they must be moved back to parking lot when work is done
What are the hours that the beds may be occupied?
2030-0700 hours. No lounging in the beds at other times. Unless permitted by Captain or BC for a certain reason like fatigue.
When you are off duty, are you allowed to occupy the beds??
Yes, with approval of station Captain
What is cleaned on a daily schedule?
Rest rooms
Station maintenance
Apparatus maintenance
Station maintenance
Refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave
Station maintenance
Windows, and air out mattresses
Station maintenance
Showers, and horizontal surface dusting
Station maintenance
Staion maintenance
Open for any duties missed during the week.
Station maintenance
Yards, apparatus bays, and storerooms
On mondays the SCBA commpressor needs to run for how many min? Unless it has already been operated for that ,many min in the last 4 days.
30 min
Part of monday apparatus maintenace
What happens on the 1st and the 15th
Start station generators
Change Defib batteries
Members who are promoted shall purchase the proper uniform within how many days after such promotion
30 days
What hours do we display the flag?
0800-1700 unless it is lit, then 24 hours is ok
What one day is it manditory for us to fly the flag at half staff?
What time do we put it back at full staff?
Memorial day
-until 1200, then raise to full staff.
Flags that are permitted to fly half staff for other reasons (like deaths) than memorial day are to be flown for how many hours?
72 hours
Who takes our retired flags?
The Boy Scouts of America. They burn them for merritt badges.
What does the term gratuity include.
We do not accept
raffels, meals, drinks, trips money, ect., especially if it is for doing work.
Non life endangered
Locked out of vehicles policy
Verify ownership, If it is not available, obtain the information from the owner and request dispatch to verify ownership, using the plate or vin #
Also vehicle lock out form must be filled out
Lock out of vehicle life endangerd ploicy
Get personal info after rescue
What is the length and width of the Four-Digit Vehicle Identifier
2inch wide by 3/4 inch tall
-reflecting decals
What is the four digit vehicle identifier used for
Placed on equipment carried on the apparatus, so it can be identified