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What are the 4 main sources of pollutions
Agricultural, Industrial, Transportation, Municipal
Acronym AITM
What are 2 primary effects of pollutants?
Physical, and Biological
body and science
Which effect is the most serious result of pollution
What is the name of the agreement the Navy follows to dispose of treated sewage in foreign waters?
Clean Water Act
ship is surrounded by it
When an individual wants to request an assignment of a sponsor, which request form should they use?
NAVPERS 1330/2
Which homepage gives you up to date information of a country you are trying to visit?
another word for see
Which Navy program is designed to find new ideas to effectively increase performance within the department of the Navy?
MILCAP- Military Cash Awards Program
has the word cash in it
Which instruction gives you more information on the MILCAP program?
The CO normally grants how many weeks of convalescent leave after the service woman has delivered her baby?
6 weeks
same time frame to get a relaxer
What are the forms that must be completed once a service member becomes eligible for the family care plan?
NAVPERS 1740/6- the Family Care Plan Certificate

NAVPERS 1740/7- Family Care Plan Arrangements
both are NAVPERS
All first time sailors in pay grades E-1 – E-6, requesting re-enlistment must be approved by what program?
ENCORE- Enlisted Navy Career Options for Re-enlistment
opposite of outcore
In what year was the Code of Conduct prescribed?
right before your dad was born
In what year, and which president issued Executive Order 12633, amending the Code of Conduct to use gender-neutral language?
1988- Ronald Reagan
i was seven years old, president first and last name begins with an R