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is directing individuals to achieve organizational goal in an efficient and effective manner
focuses primarily on leading and controlling the time spent in various functions is also influenced by the size of the department
is the process of arrangingpersonnel and physical resources to carry out plans and accomplish goals and obj.
motivating others to perform various tasks that will contributeto the accomplishment of goals and obj.
is the process of preparing ofr the future by setting goals and obf. and developing courses of actiong for accomplishing them
is the process by which managers determine how the quality and the quantity of departmental systems and services can be improved
chain of command
you know what it is
paramilitary model
emphasized a legalistic approach and authoritarian managerial practices intended to control officer's havior in order to improve crime control and lessen corrupt practices.
system theory
means that all parts of a system are interrelated and dependent on one another.
open system
interacts with, and adapts to, its environment
closed system
does not
contingency theory
is based on open-systems theory and recongnizes taht there are many internal and external factors that influence organizational behavior.
contingency management
is that it all depends on the particular situation