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What is Public Opinion?
those opinions held by private persons which governments find it prudent to heed.
Advent of Scientific Polling
sent out polls to only people with cars or magazine subscriptions...didn't work.
Margin of Error: Measurement Uncertainty
give or take percentage points
Fundamental Uncertainty
can measure margin of error, but there's a chance it's wrong. 95% confidence intervals
Where do opinions come from?
Underlying attitudes: loosely structured
Ideologies: Liberal and conseratives...core values
The political attitude that shapes opinions most is a persons attitude towards political parties
Cognitive Misers
adopt values and beliefs that pay off in some way
Instability of opinion
Question Wording
Politicians pay attention to groups for majority opinion. Group ex?
African Americans, Hispanics, Gender, Income, Education, Age, Urban/Rural, Region of the Country
Problems with polls
Question Wording, Order, Split Samples, Interpretations
Delegation of authority
raises the possibility of agency loss
Early Practices in voting
Limited the franchise
property requirements
CRA 1965
Civil Rights for all blacks
Suffrage For Women
19th ammendment
26th ammendment
18 year olds have the right to vote
Voter Turnout decline
Average voter turnout?
The Non Representative Electorate
Wealthy, well educated, older whites are over represented
Poor, uneducated, young, non white under represented
How do voters decided?
Acquire info: opinion leaders, characteristics of candidates, party label
Assess Past performance: evaluate, role of the economy
Compare future policy options
Election Campaign
Way to inform voters about both
Role of Public Images
Media Scrutiny
Importance of Debates
Negative Campaigns
Campaign money
Prior to 1970, unregulated
Congressional Campaign Money
get from
Personal funds
How spent?
One quarter on overhead
Presidential spent
Flip Flop states
Suggested reforms
Spending Limit
Limited Donations
Eliminating PAC's
Public Funding