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who gets what, when, where, and how?
organization set up to exervise authority over a body of people

- shaped by politics
- helps to provide rules and institutions
system to distribute society's wealth
capitalist economy
market determines production, distribution, and price decisions and property is privately owned
socialist economy
state determines production, distribution, and price decisions, and property is government owned
social democracy
hybrid system combining a capitalist economy and a government that supports equality
procedural guarentees
rules will work smoothly and fairly
regulated capitalism
capitalist economy and individual freedom from government interference remains the norm, but it allows government to step in and regulate the economy to guarentee individual rights and to provide procedural guarentees
the how part of politics
the where part of politics
substantive guarentees
government assurance of particular outcomes and results
republic - different than a democracy
it employs representation and can work in a large state