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Functions of Political Advertising
reinforce support, influence the undecided, identify key issues and frame questions for public debate, provide entertainment
True/False: If generally undecided, political ads work
Strategy considerations for political advertising
Strengths and weaknesses of candidate/opponent; available funds; nature of news coverage; public opinion; stylisitic, artistic, aesthetic indications of consultant
What is this type of ad called? : endorsements from celebs, well-known, or local-well known politicans, business people
testimonial ad
What type of ad?: Makes assertions about the opposition in unflattering ways
mudslinging ad
What type of ad?: Name calling and/or groundless assertions about a cnaidate by his/her opponent
mudslinging ad
What type of ad?: Use of popular symbols to create positive connotation for the candidate
Transfer Ad
What type of ad?: Use of negative/controversial symbols to create negative connotation of one's opponent
Transfer Ad
What type of ad?: Use of statistics, often in a one-sided manner
Card Stacking Ad
What type of ad?: Omits info. that is crucial to drawing an informed and balanced conclusion
Card Stacking Ad
What type of ad?: attempts to appeal to the average voter as just "one of the people"
Plain Folks Ad
What type of ad?: shows the candidate in informal attire, doing normal activities
Plain Folks Ad
What type of ad?: may contain "person in the street" endorsement
Plain Folks Ad
What type of ad: uses vague words and phrases that have positive effect?
Glittering Generalities Ad
What type of ad?: is always positive and is used very early in campaign?
Glittering Generalities Ad
What type of ad?: Conveys a sense of momentum
Bandwagon Ad
What type of ad?: uses group identification to imply all members are in favor?
Bandwagon Ad
What type of ad?: Juxtaposes positive image of one's candidacy with negative images of the opponent in the same ad?
Contrast Ad
What type of ad?: Juxtaposes issue positions to favor one candidate over the other
Contrast Ad
What type of ad: Has a strong visual hook, is very stylistic, and uses video technology
Visual or Production Idea Ad
What ads are used first in the campaign?
What ads are used second in the campaign?
What ads are used third in the campaign? When do they start to run?
Attack - start 5 weeks out normally
What type of ads are used fourth (last) in campaigns?
What do resolution ads focus on?
individual, leadership
What are some of the reasons for the increase of negative ads?
TV; increase in poli. process; changes in sources of political information; social science and marketing techqniques; video
Where do issues fall into negative ads?
they seldom concern substantive issues
Negative ads are highly __________ in their appeal
What type of symbolism do negative ads use?
patriotic/moralistic symbolism
Negative ads make it appear that subject under attack has full ____________ over situation
What are the facts like in negative ads?
distorted or incomplete
What type of guilt do negative ads use?
guilt by association
What type of words to negative ads use?
words with negative connotation
What type of format do negative ads use?
visually created formats
what levels are negative ads used at?
used at all levels
Types of negative ads (3)_
direct; direct comper; implied comp.
When to use negative ads:
newcomer, low market share; "soft" market; budget les than competitior; competitior is favored
sources for creating negative ads
public record; prior statements or votes; unfulfilled campaign promises; financial disclosure info; club and social membership
negative ads influence...
attitudes and behaviors
negative ads have what type of impact...
short term impact
negative ads generate...
higher recall and voeter attention
negative ads have the greatest impact on...
_________ process more deeply than _______ info.
negative; positive
what type of attacks are believed?
unanswered attacks
t/f: people more accepting of negativea ads
What research tells us about issues in negative ads
majority of ads usually mention some issue. candidate pos. not always presented, favorable stance assumedl isssues targeted superficially and broa. issues targeted to specific demographic voting group
what research tells us about images in negative political ads
personal characteristics more impt than issue. the ways issues are treated influence image perceptions. common image appeals are experience, competenec,e special qualities, honesty. influences "favorable" ratings. best for recall and name recognition
major ethical concerns of negative political advertising
limit ration throught process, buys access to voters, image over issues, over simplification, failure to disclose information
Current safeguards against negative political ads
new media scrutiny, popular judgement and backlash
suggestions for reform for negative political ads
congressional reform initiatives. strengthen state corrupt campaign practiciesl establish federal campaign comission to monitor campaigns