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What is the difference between globality, globalization and gloablism?
GLOBALITY- Our state of existence- living in global world, everything is connected

GLOBALIZATION- process that allows for that connection, the internet, ways of communication

GLOBALISM- new market ideology, spread of democracy, increased wealth
What did Bretten Woods do?
He created an international economy (the WTO, GAT, World Bank) It was a general agrrement on trade and technology.

The internationl economic system was created and it created new institutions
Bretten Woods contributions also expanded trade with the international monitary funds which what?
Set up rules for internationl trade

Enforcement mechanism, pegged currency to the dollr
In the movie, many slogans were created. How was the protestors in Seattle be characterized?

Universalist or Protectionist
Universalist protectionist.

They were trying to include and protect everyone, not just the individual.

Had people from the global north and south involved. They workecd togeteher and everyone had to act together to protect eachother and everyone's solidarity.
What are the 5 claims of globalism?
Globalization in inveviitable/irreversable
-claims history is just marching along like a "driver-less car"
-makes us like trained robots, we have no say in politics, have no role in desicion making globally
-shouldnt argue, find out how to make money or get out of the way

2) no one is in charge (hand in hand with number one)
-states have to enforce laws of the economy
-state can remove laws that are controlled by individuals that influence the state
-say globalization is 'just happening'
- the largest 100 economies are controlled by 51 corporations, not states

3) Benefits everyone
-poverty is everywhere
-stats prove that not everyone is benefiting

4) globalizations furthers the spread of democracy in the world
True or false- All Arabs are Muslims?
What are the 5 pillars of Muslim?
-Affirm in all consciousness that there is no God but God and Mohammad is the prophet
-Pray 5 times a day
-Fasting (Rhamadon)
Are Suniis or Shiites the majority?
Sunnis, 85%
What is Islamic liberalism?
An oddity within Islam, no individual rights so liberalsim is impossible.

Some argue for democracy and for rights.

There are extremists that have no conception of rights, others say Karan can be translated to individual rights.
Does environmentalism affect liberalsim or conservatism?
Both... Not only one is affected by pollution.
What is deep ecology?
Humans aren't the center of the environment. Believe animals and even inaminate objects have rights. Can't destory the environmant.

Some say it contradicts the story that humans were given to earth to do with it what the please.
What are societal gender roles?
Feminists construst womean's roles, women are supposed to stay home and make babies and cook or clean.

Feminists claim this is not bioligical, its constructed through a patriarchal society.
Are women currently equally represented in the house or senate?
How do socialist marxits disagree with marxist feminists?
Socialists came first, thought it was not class that was the issue but patriarchy as well.

Women were told not to worry about feminism until after capitalism is dealt with, women will just have to wait until after the revolution.
Stegers 2 choices for globalization.
Either we create a more just world, smaller gap between the rich and poor, the rich aren;t the elite in society)

Or war, people have nothing left to lose but their chains so they have to fight back
5 main things we see as cause of the rise of political islam.
1) Iranian revolution- they see it's possible, it's a political goal

2) Oil exists largely in the middle east, Muslims live here and they see they now have power

3) Creation of the state of Israel- on land occupied by other people

4) Infadels in the holy land- area around saudi arabia (mecca and Medina) Say there should be non-believers in the holy land

What does Jacolian mean?
Ignorance, or barbarist ignorance

Not spiritually in tuned (don't believe in God)
False consciousness, workers have no independence
Believe muslims follow the western values too much
Why did Saud advocate violence?
It was a catalyst for transformation, created a state where you can vote and had power

Said it won't work because the leaders are affected by the West

Saw this in Egypt where prisoners were tortured b/c they were taught this by the CIA
What are 3 privileges under Islam?
-don't have to work
-don't have to find husband
-get to raise children
What are some of Colie Lausen's video critiques?
Turn black friday into 'buy nothing day' to stop americans from buying useless things they dont need, this would stop the production of garbage pollutiing the earth

Says despairity is being created, america is consuming the worlds resources, leaving rest of the world with nothing- this promotes terrorism b/c the majority has less and less and they will act against the US for keeping them poor and hungry
What were Du Bois' contributions to the feminist theory
Wrote the book, second sex

said women are definded in terms as myths
-adams rib, incomplete men, inneffective at using reason
-incapable of improving themselves
What were Virginia Woolf's contributions to the feminist theory?
Wrote book, a room of one's own

said women should be able to participate because they are defined by men and they can not figure out who they are for themselves
-said if women had their own space with no influence of men then they would have different ideas of what it is to be a woman
What do environmentalists believe?
Nature has inherent value

Technology should be more sensitive to nature

Human beings should pursue a pactice of limited growth
What are some ideas behind ecofeminism?
The earth is an object to be controlled

Women are objects to be controlled


Gaia hypothesis
What are some ideas behind deep ecology?

nature has rights

believe in balance, not domination

they have a duty to act
What are some ideas behind animal rights?
animals do have rights

they are not to be harmed

not to be experimented on
What are some dimensions of globalization?
The economy- global capitalism

Politics- struggle for power/dominance

Cultural- globalization as disney
Define globalization, globality and globalism.
Globalization- set of social processes

Globality- social condition

globalism- the new market ideology
What are four qualitied of globalization?
-Creation of new and the multiplication of exisitng soical networks that cross geographical borders

-expansion and stetching of social networks

-intensification and acceleration of social exchanges and activities

increased consciousness of the worls
Are politics and economics linked?
Yes, they will always be sepercat but tied
What are some of Simone de Beauvoir's contributions to feminism?
Argued that women have been defined purely in relation to men and not as autonomous beings

her goal was the right of women to express themselves as individuals
What are marxists feminists critiques?
Based upon the patriarchal family's role in supporting capitalism
What are socialist feminists critiques?
Similar to other forms, emphasize the democratic and egalitarian aspects of socialism
What are 5 major issues in political islam?
-isreal in 1948
-price of oil
-iranian revolution
-ifnadels in the holy land
What are some individual freedoms and rights in Islam?
No concept in islam

Government should protect the people but this is not seen as a right

Some do find rights appealing

The clash between liberalism and conservatis is alive even within the muslim world
How has the US affected Isalm?
war in the arab world has contributed to the largest emigration to the united states of muslims