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Command point for back
UB 40
Command point for abdomen
ST 36
Command point for head and nape
LU 7
Command point for face and mouth
LI 4
Command point for chest, lateral costal region
PC 6
Command point for resuscitation
DU 26
Sea of Qi points

Excess = fullness of chest, urgent breathing, and red complexion.

Insufficient = scanty energy insufficient for speech.
ST 9
R 17
DU 14
DU 15

Also: UB 10, DU 16?
Sea of Blood points

Excess = “body is big” sensation, disquiet, does not know what disease is.

Deficient = feeling “shrinking, small, reduced but don’t know what the disease is”.
UB 11 (upper)
ST 37 (lower)
ST 39 (lower)
Sea of Water & Grain (Food) points

Excess = abdominal fullness.

Deficiency = hunger with inability to eat.
ST 30 (upper)
ST 36 (lower)
Sea of Marrow points

Excess = lightness of body, much strength, self exceeds normal level.

Insufficient = dizziness, whirling brain, tinnitus, pain of lower legs, visual impairment, indolence, desire to sleep.
DU 20 (above)
DU 16 (below)

Also, DU 15, DU 19