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DU 14
LI 11
LI 4
Patient sitting with arms on table to have DU 14 needled. Heat leaves DU 14 and travels down the arms thru LI 11 and LI 4.
night sweats
SI 3
Ht 6
fire pair
SI 3 Clears heat

Ht 6 Nourishes Ht yin, clears heat, stops sweating, calms mind.
Ht 7
Sp 6
Ki 3
(Pc 6)
All yin channels
Ht 7 Foremost point to calm, regulate spirit

Sp 6 Meeting of Sp, Lv & Ki. Fortifies SP, nourishes LV & Kd yin, spreads Lv qi, tonifies qi & blood, harmonizes digestion.

Ki 3 Bolsters Ki to support Ki-Ht communication. Ki yin-> restrain Ht fire. Ht yang -> warm Ki

Pc 6 A main point to regulates Ht spirit, also d/o of Ht rhythm.
St 7
St 6
LI 4
(SJ 5)
St 6 & 7 Local disorders of jaw.

LI 4 Master point of face, ability to stop pain

SJ 5 Clear channel, yang wei linking (clear all yang of head)
cough & asthma
R 22
Lu 7
R 22 Strongly descends qi

dingchuan Asthma, cough

Lu 7 Important point in the tx of wind disorders, ext or int
R 22
P 6
R 22 Descends qi

P 6 Unbinds chest, downbears rebellion
suffocated chest
R 17
P 6
More unbinding of Lu
fullness of chest
R 12
P 6
More unbinding of St, moves food out.
hypochondriac pain
SJ 6
GB 34
SJ 6 Essential point for lateral costal pain of qi stagnation or any etiology. Regulates qi (and CH) in 3 jiaos.

GB 34 Clears qi stagnation in GB path, spreads Lv qi, clears Lv/GB DH.
nausea & vomiting
P 6
St 36
P 6 Pre-eminent point for N&V or any etiology (pregnancy, chemo, radiation)

St 36 Harmonizes St, he-sea
UB 17
P 6
P 8
UB 17 Diaphragm shu

P 6 Regulates qi, unbinds chest

P 8 Strong action on MJ, esp. when fire disrupts descent of St qi. Downbears counterflow.
SJ 6
Ki 6
St 25
"Route 66"

SJ 6 Major point for moving qi of INTS and contipation of any etiology.

Ki 6 Nourishes Ki, clears xu heat. Tx of constipation d/t yin xu or fluid damage from prolonged heat.

St 25 Regulates qi, eliminates stagnation in LJ
Du 23
LI 4
Du 23 Regulates the widest range of nasal d/o. A "spigot on top of the head that turns of the blood."

LI 4 Master point of face
LI 11
Sp 10
Sp 6
"Severe itching, often of undamaged skin."

LI 11 Important point for skin d/o (with UB 40). Expels wind, resolves damp, clears heat, fire and fire toxin.

Sp 10 Cools blood, nourishes blood, dispels stasis, treats wind in skin.

Sp 6 Harmonizes, cools and invigorates blood.