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Main Respiratory Points
DU 12 "body pillar" CHRONIC
Tonify Lu, str. body after debilitating illness

UB 12 "wind door" ACUTE
RE, stim. Lu to disperse wei qi over skin. Reg ying & wei

UB 43 "gaohuangshu" CHRONIC (btwn Ht & diaphragm - lx of all chronic and nearly incurable dz.
Moxa - tonify qi of entire body
Needling - nourish LU yin, stim. memory, lift spirit after long illness

UB 13 - for heat, plum blossum, possibly cup
5 Strains of Zang
Ht - walking
Sp - sitting
Lu - lying down
Ki - standing
Lv - reading
DU 14
emotional respiratory problems
LV - UB 18, spasmotic cough in kids
HT - UB 15
UB 20
tight chest
UB 17
R 14
Ki not grasping
function of Lungs - UB 23

diminished structure of Lungs - GB 25 (cancer, emphysema)
chronic cough
UB 21
Release neck & shoulder tightness d/t chronic cough
thread GB 21 -> SJ 15
SI 13
Thickening of upper back d/t chronic asthma
R 17
R 14
Pc 6
SI 11 (cup)
Latent Pathogen
1) recurring infection
2) ongoing mucus discharge
3) chronically swollen lymph nodes

bailao - clears pathogens, esp. latent ones
Chronic Nose Infection
LI 20
LI 4
LU 7
Nose/Ear Problems
to drain ears:
SJ 17
GB 2
SJ 3
Ki 2 & Ki 6
Mouth Sores
touching lips = Stomach
near mouth, but not touching lips = chong
throat infection
SJ 17
stimulate lymph nodes
Lu point for throat
Lu 10
post-nasal drip
SJ 17 (alarm point for problem with wei qi)

gargle w/ salt 2-3X daily
R 22
congestion & pain in Lu
Lu 1, UB 13
move qi in chest
R 17
enhance immunity, Lu/Kd connection
Ki 27
qi stagnation in chest d/t emo.
LV 14
Heart, diaphragm or reflux chest pain
R 14
R 15
Lu qi xu
Lu 9
Lung point to stop cough
Lu 5
coughing blood
Lu 6
clear pathogens
Lu 7, LI 4, SJ 5
clear heat
LI 4, LI 11 or jing-well for stubborn heat
chronic asthma
Lu 7
Kd 6 (activate Ren)
drain damp, phlegm
St 40 (luo takes yang of St to Sp to support Sp T&T)