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4 Seas
Sea of QI: ST 9, REN 17 (DU 14, DU 15)
Sea of Blood: UB 11, ST 37, ST 39
Sea of Grain: ST 30, St 36
Sea of Marrow: Du 20, DU 16
4 Seas Theory
QI Xs: Fullness of chest, labored breathing, red face
Qi Def: Lack of energy, weak speech
Blood Xs: body too big
Blood Def: Body too small
4 Seas Theory Cont
Grain(nourishment) Xs: ABdom fullness
Grain Def: Hunger but can't eat
Marrow Def: Dizzy, tinnitus, sleepy, vision probs
Forbidden Pts/Pregnancy
ST 17, Ren 8
Pregnancy: LI 4, SP 6, GB 21, UB 60, UB 67
Not during 1st & 2nd trimester: 8 liaos
KD Connections
KD Fxns
Stores essence
Governs growth, reproduction, birth
Grasping of QI
2 lower orifices
Ming Men
Opens into ears
Manifests in head hair
Houses Will,Loath dryness
Root of pre heaven Qi
KD Actions
Nourish Yin, clear Def Ht
Nourish LV yin/KD water
Harmonizes LU
Tx edema, throat, ears, drains damp, Ton KD yang
Stenghthens lumbar
Reg Chong/Ren-menses
KD 1
Jing Well
Tx: descends Xs from head, rescue Pt,calms shen
KD 2
Ying Spring,Fire
Tx: Clears Def Ht and Def itching, itching vagina
KD 3
Shu Stream, Earth, Control, Source
Tx: Asthma, Nourishes KD yin, Ton KD yang, stengthens lumbar
*** LU/KD disharmony
***Menstrual probs
KD 4
TX: LU, clams shen
KD 5
Xi cleft
TX: Menstrual probs, Blood
KD 6
Master of Yin Qiao
Tx: Insomnia/Hypersomnia, throat, menstrual probs(amenorrhea,dysmennorhea,etc)
**sore throat, plum pit Qi
KD 7
Jing River,Metal,Tinification
Tx:Reg sweating, edema
*** strengthen KD
***Water distrubances
KD 8
Xi cleft of Yin Qiao
Tx: Reg Ren/Chong, stops uterine bleeding, menstrual probs, blood sasis
KD 9
Xi cleft of Yin Wei
Tx: phelgm probs
KD 10
He Sea,Water, Horary
Tx: Clears Damp from LJ, Genitourinary probs, impotence
KD 27
Unbinds chest, cough, wheezing
***Deep needling = pneumo
Entry/Exit Pts
Points that connect one channel to next via luo
Entry/Exit Pts Cont
Tonif Entry = boost that channel
Sedate Entry = Drain that channel
Tonify Exit = Sedate that channel and boost next
Exit (uncommon)
Exit: LU 7, LI 20, SI 19, KD 22, PC 8, SJ 22, GB 41
Entry: LI 4
Influential Pts
LV 13: Zang
Ren 12: Fu
Ren 17: Qi
UB 17: Blood
GB 34: Sinews
GB 39: Marrow
UB 11: Bones
LU 9: Vessels
PC Connections
Minsterial Fire Sources
Ming Men, PC, SJ
Ming Men
Replenished by Qi Gong
Resides in LJ at DU 4
Sparks sperm/Egg
PC: Burners
Upper: HT governor
Middle: Spleen Yang
Lower: Jing and Shen
PC Fxns
Protects HT, Governs Blood, Houses shen
PC Actions
Tx: Pain, palpatation, irrythmia, chest probs, jueyin probs related to LV
Febrile illness
PC 3
He Sea,Water,Control
Tx: Digestion(vomit, diarrhea, sudden turmoil)
PC 4
Xi cleft
Tx: Cools blood, stops bleeding
PC 5
Jing River, Metal
Tx: Shen, Reg. menstruation, phlegm probs, plum pit QI, urinary probs
PC 6
Luo, Master of Yin Wei,Command
Tx: Shen, Nasuea, vomit, Insomnia, Morning sickness, cancer treatments
**Avoid Median nerve
***Hard needling = ouchie
PC 7
Shu Stream,Source,Earth,Sedation
Tx: Shen, Carpal tunnel
**Avoid medial nerve
PC 8
Ying Spring Fire,Horary
Tx:Revives consciousness, Ht in yangming, mouth ulcerts, foul breath, vomit
Skin probs: eczema
PC 9
Jing Well, Wood, Tonification
Tx: Summer Ht(fever, agitation, vomit, Diarrhea, colic