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LU 7
luo connecting point
tonifies lung qi
stimulates D & D of lung qi
good for cough
expels wind
releases the exterior
opens the water passages
LU 9
yuan source point
tonifies lung qi and lung yin
moisten the lungs
resolves phlegm
Ren 6
tonifies qi
BL 13
tonifies lung qi and lung yin
clears lung heat
stimulates D and D of lung qi
DU 12
tonifies lung qi and is important in chronic cases
ST 36 combined with Ren 12
tonifies the stomach and spleen qi which will help in nourishing the lung and nourish the fluids (tonify earth to nourish metal)
Ren 17
tonifies qi and lung qi
restores the descending of lung qi
tonifies the gathering (zong qi) and therefore both the lung and heart
BL 43
tonifies lung yin and is important in chronic cases
Ren 4
tonifes kidney yin which is needed to treat lung yin
conducts empty heat downwards
nourishes the fluids
KI 6
tonifies kidney yin
nourishes the fluids
benefits the throat if combined with LU 7
Ren 12
tonifes the stomach and the fluids to resolve phlegm
SP 6
nourishes the yin and fluids
LU 10
clears empty heat from the lungs
LI 11
is used if there is empty heat in the lungs
pricked for bleeding for sore throat and swollen tonsils
BL 12 and BL 13
releases the exterior and expels wind
promotes the descending of lung qi
DU 16
expels wind and is very useful if there is a headache
LU 4 and LU 11
release the exterior and clear heat
DU 14
clear heat
GB 20
expels exterior wind
TB 5
expels wind heat and releases the exterior
LI 6
opens the lung water passage
LI 7
is the accumulation point for the large intestine
LI 4
release the exterior and opens the water passages
Ren 9
opens the water passage and resolves oedema
resolves phlegm and promote T&T of the fluids
DU 26
open the water passage of the upper burner
LU 5
clears lung heat
expels phlegm from the lungs
LU 1 and BL 13
clears lung heat and restores the descending of lung qi
LU 1
stops coughing
restores D&D of lung qi
resolves phlegm
clears lung heat
ST 40
resolves phlegm in general
PC 6
opens the chest and expels phlegm from the chest
Ren 22
expels phlegm from the throat
Ren 12 and Bl 20
tonify the spleen to resolve phlegm
Ren 9
stimulates the spleens function of transformation and transportation and resolves dampness and phlegm
BL 23
tonifies kidney yang
LU 7 and KI 6
in combination open the directing vessel ren mai and nourish the yin
BL 17
restores the descending of lung qi with BL 13
HE 5, PC 6 and BL 15
tonify the heart