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luo connecting point of LU
LU 7
front-mu of LU
meeting of LU and SP
LU 1
yuan-source point of LI
LI 4
luo-connecting point of LI
LI 6
he-sea point of LI
LI 11
front-mu point of LI
ST 25
yuan-source point of ST
ST 42
luo-connecting point of ST
ST 40
lower he-sea point of SI
ST 39
lower he-sea point of LI
ST 37
he-sea point of ST
ST 36
luo-connecting point of SP
SP 4
meeting point of SP, LV, KI channels
SP 6
he-sea point of SP
SP 9
great luo-connecting point of SP
SP 21
luo-connecting point of HT channel
HT 5
yuan source point of SI channel
SI 4
luo-connecting point of SI channel
SI 7
he-sea point of SI channel
SI 8
back-shu of LU
UB 13
back-shu of PC
UB 14
back-shu of HT
UB 15
back-shu of LV
UB 18
back-shu of GB
UB 19
back-shu of SP
UB 20
back-shu of ST
UB 21
back-shu of SJ
UB 22
back-shu of KI
UB 23
back-shu of LI
UB 25
back-shu of SI
UB 27
back-shu of UB
UB 28
lower he-sea of SJ channel
UB 39
yuan-source point of UB channel
UB 64
luo-connecting point of UB channel
UB 58
luo-connecting point of KI channel
KI 4
confluent point of yin motility(qiao) vessel
KI 6
meeting of P, GB, Lv and SJ
point of window of heaven
P 1
luo-connecting point of P
confluent point of the yin linking (wei) vessel
P 6
yuan-source point of SJ
SJ 4
luo-connecting point of SJ
confluent point of yang linking (wei) vessel
SJ 5
front-mu point of KI
GB 25
luo-connecting point of GB
GB 37
hui-meeting point for marrow
GB 39
yuan-source point of GB
GB 40
luo-connecting point of LV
LV 5
front-mu point of SP
hui-meeting point of zang
LV 13
front-mu point of LV
LV 14
front-mu point of UB
R 3
front-mu point of SI
R 4
front-mu point of SJ
R 5
front-mu point of of ST
R 12
front-mu point of HT
R 14
luo-connecting point of Ren
R 15
front-mu point of PC
R 17
luo-connecting point of Du
Du 1
Master point of Chong
Sp 4
Couple point of Chong
P 6 (yin qiao)
Starting point of Chong
R 1
Crossing points of Chong
R 1
St 30
K 11 - 21
Master point of Dai
GB 41
Couple point of Dai
SJ 5 (Yang Wei)
Starting point of Dai
GB 26
Crossing points of Dai
GB 26, 27, 28
Master point of Yin Wei
P 6
Couple point of Yin Wei
Sp 4 (Chong)
Starting point of Yin Wei
K 9
Master point of Yang Wei
SJ 5
Couple point of Yang Wei
GB 41 (Dai)
Starting point of Yang Wei
UB 63
Master point of Yin Qiao
K 6
Couple point of Yin Qiao
Lu 7 (Ren)
Starting point of Yin Qiao
K 6
Master point of Yang Qiao
UB 62
Couple point of Yang Qiao
SI 3 (Du)
Starting point of Yang Qiao
UB 62