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Jing Well points treat
fullness below the heart, clearing heat, restoring consciousness, rescuing collapse
LI Jing Well
LI 1
LI 1 treats
throat pain and obstruction, deafness, tinnitus and toothache; fullness of hte chest and lateral costals, cough, dyspnea
ST Jing Well
ST45 treats
facial swelling, toothache, lockjaw, throat pain, deviated mouth, nosebleed and yellow nasal discharge; fullness and distension of hte chest and abdomen
HT Jingwell
HT9 treats
pain at the root of the tongue, swollen tongue, throat pain, heat in the mouth, painful and red eyes; heart pain, pain of the chest and lateral costals
SI Jingwell
SI 1
SI 1 treats
headache, dizziness, red eyes, nosebleed, deafness, tinnitus, throat pain, curled tongue, stiff tongue, heat in the mouth, erosion of the mouth, mouth ulcers and drooling; cold below the heart, agitation with heart pain, oppression and pain of hte chest and lateral costals
BL Jingwell
BL67 treats
vertex headache, occipital headache, nasal congestion, nosebleed, eye pain, pain of the inner canthus, deafness, tinnitus;
KI Jingwell
KI1 treats
dizziness, vertex headache, throat painful obstruction, difficulty swallowing, loss of voice, dry tongue, nosebleed
PC Jingwell
P9 treats
pain at the root of the tongue, stiffness of the tongue, difficulty speaking
SJ Jingwell
SJ 1
SJ 1 treats
tinnitus, deafness, earache, stiff tongue, pain at the root of the tongue, dryness of the mouth, dry lips, bitter taste in the mouth, headache, redness of the eyes, painful throat and submandibular region
GB Jingwell
GB44 treats
headache, stabbing pain of hte head, dizziness, sudden deafness, tinnitus, redness swelling and pain of the eyes, throat pain, stiff tongue, curled tongue with dry mouth
LR Jing well
LR 1
LR 1 treats
bitter taste in mouth, ceaseless nosebleed
Jingwell pt of hte lung
LU11 treats
cough, dyspnea, fullness of the heart with sweating adn fullness below the heart
Jingwell of the spleen
SP1 treats
heat in the chest, fullness of the chest, dyspnea and sighing
Ying Spring Pts treat
heat in the body, changes in color, diseases of the yang channels, diseases of the zang; clear heat
heat clearing Ying Spring pts
LU10, LI2, SP2, HT8, KI2, PC8, GB43, LR
Ying Spring pts that treat diseases of the yang channels and diseases of the zang (with shu stream pt)
LU9 and LU10, LI2 and LI3, SI2 and SI3 and LI6, KI2 and KI3, PC7 and PC8, LR2 and LR3
LU9 and LU10 treatq
pain of the lung and heart
LI2 and LI3 treat
SI2 and SI3 and LI6 treat
KI2 and KI3 treat
swelling on the inside of the throat
PC7 and PC8 treat
ceaseless laughter and oppression of the heart
LR2 and LR3
Pain of the liver and heart
Shu Stream Pts treat
disorders of zang (with ying spring pt), yang channel disorders (with ying spring pt), heaviness of the body and joint pain, diseases which attack intermittently
Shu stream pts that treat disorders of the zang
LU9, SP3, HT7, KI3, PC7, LR3
Shu stream pts that treat disorders of hte yang channels
LI3, SI3, SJ3, GB41
clears wind and heat from the head, throat, teeth, eyes and mouth
regulates disorders of the taiyang and GV
disorders of the Shaoyang channel, esp ears
disperses stagnant liver qi throughout shaoyang channel
Shu Stream pts that treat heaviness of the body and joint pain
SP3, LI3, SI3, LI3, ST43
pain of hte knee and thigh, joint pain, lumbar pain, atrophy disorder
LI3 and SI3
finger joints
general aching due to wind, damp heat painful obstruction
Jing River Pts treat
cough and dyspnoea, chills and fever, diseases manifesting as changes in patient's voice, diseases of sinews and bones
Jing River pts that treat cough and dysnpnoea, chills and fever
LU8, LI5, ST41, SP5, SI5, BL60, KI7, PC5, SJ6, GB38
cold cough, fever with absence of sweat
cough and chills with fever in children with diarrhea and no desire to eat
fever with absence of sweat
aversion to wind and cold, obstruction of qi following windstroke leading to impaired breathing
Jing River pts that are good for diseases manifesting in the patient's voice
LI5, ST41, PC5 SP5, HT4, KI7, SJ6, GB38, LR4
Jing River pts for dieases of sinews and bones
ST41, SP5, HT4, SI5, BL60, KI7, GB38
Xi Cleft pts treat
acute conditions and pain; on yin channels--blood disorders
Xi Cleft pts
LU6, LI7, ST34, SP8, HT6, SI6, BL63, KI5, PC4, SJ7, GB36, LR6, BL59, KI8, GB35, KI9 (yin linking)
acute cough, wheezing, asthma
acute disorders and pain of the LI, detoxify poison in clove sores, carbuncle and furuncle, throat pain, heat and swelling of the face
acute breast pain and breast abscesses; acute epigastric pain
resolves blood stasis in lower abdomen; dysmenorrhoea, irregular menstruation, abdominal masses in women
severe heart pain due to blood stasis, bleeding due to excessive heat agitation in the blood; sweating (PC4 is used more often for acute heart pain)
pain of the shoulder, scapula, arm that feels like something is broken or dislocated, also acute contraction and lumbar sprain
acute shan disorder, sudden vomiting and diarrhea, epilepsy, and intense joint pain due to obstruction
amenorrhea, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhoea, delayed menstruation due to blood deficiency or stagnation
treats acute stasis of blood in the chest and heart, creating pain, hot nosebleed, vomiting, coughing of blood
painful skin associated with painful obstruction and atrophy disorder, rabies
blood stasis in the uterus, hernia, lower abdominal pain
xi cleft pt of hte yang motility vessel
xi clef of yin motility; irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorhoea, uterine bleeding
xi cleft of the yang linking vessel
xi cleft of yin linking vessel, acute and severe mental disorders such as madness, mania, mania depression disorder, raving, fury and cursing, vomiting of foamy saliva, tongue thrusting
Yuan Source Pts
LU9, LI4, ST42, SP3, HT7, SI4, BL64, KI3, PC7, SJ4, GB40, LR3
Luo connecting pts
LU7, LI6, ST40, SP4, HT5, SI7, BL58, KI4, PC6, SJ5, GB37, LR5
Luo connecting pts treat
disorders of their interior-exteriorly related channel or zangfu, treating disorders in regions reached by the luo connecting channel, treating psycho emotional disorders
Headache, pain of nape and neck, wind disorders
acute edema when wind obstructs the normal function of the lung in regulating water passages
assists in the transformation of phlegm when spleen is impaired
harmonized stomach and intestines and treats upper and lower abdominal pain
regulates the heart and spirit
KI deficiency and cold in the lower body (coldness and weakness in the legs, lumbar pain) also uprising of yang along the bladder channel to the head