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Symptoms of a Stall:
High nose attitude,
Low and decreasing airspeed,
Controls less effective (light),
Aural Warning Systems,
The Buffet
In a stall which way does the C.O.P move?
Rapidly Rearwards.
How do you Unstall?
Check forward,
Apply full power,
Prevent Yaw with rudder,
Confirm Ailerons neutral
What are the two stall warning devices?
Vane Type,
Reed type.
What factors affect the stall speed?
(WILPS) Weight,
Icing / Damage,
Slots, slats and flaps
What factors affect the wing drop stall?
Pilot induced.
How can a spin be avoided?
Not letting the wing drop in a stall
Autorotation is:
Roll, Yaw, Roll
Which instruments can you rely on in a spin?
Airspeed Indicator,
Turn Coordinator
How do you recover from a spin?
Close Throttle,
Confirm spin direction,
Full opposite Rudder,
Forward Elevator,
Neutralise Rudder when rotation stops,
Ease out of dive,
If the C.O.P moves forwards it is known as being?
If the C.O.P moves rearwards it is known as being?
Why was the reflex curve designed?
To minimise the movement of the Centre of Pressure.
How can you reduce Induced drag?
Ground Effect,
Wing tip design
Why do we use flaps on landing?
Increase lift allowing
slower flying speeds and a steeper glide angle.
When flaps are lowered what happens to the Lift:Drag Ratio?
Always reduced
Where does the Centre of Pressure move with trailing edge flaps?
(Nose pitches down)
Where does the Centre of Pressure move with leading edge flaps?
(Nose pitches up)
Do Trailing edge flaps decrease or increase the stalling Angle of Attack?
Do Leading edge flaps decrease or increase the stalling Angle of Attack?
Slaps cause the plane to:
Stall at a higher Angle of Attack.
Automated slats extend at:
A predetermined angle.
What is a slot?
The gap between the leading edge of the aerofoil and the slat.
What does a slot cause?
Stalling angle to increase which decreases stalling speed.
What happens to the Centre of Pressure when Angle of Attack Increases?
C.O.P moves forwards.
L = ____
CL 1/2 P V2 S
D = ____
CD 1/2 P V2 S
Parasite drag is increased by how much at double the original speed?
What happens to the Coefficient of Drag as Angle of Attack increases?
Cd Increases
Does minimum drag speed give us good or bad range?
How do you reduce parasite drag?
What is the transition point?
Where Laminar becomes turbulent.
As airspeed increases what happens to the transition point?
It moves forwards
What is interference drag?
Two surfaces meeting
How is interference drag reduced?
What is cooling drag?
Cowl Flap being open
What is Spanwise flow?
Air spilling to top of aerofoil from wing tip.
If downwash is increased what happens to the lift vector?
It moves rearward
Induced drag is what component of the vector?
The horizontal component
How do you avoid wake turbulence?
Wait 3-4 mins,
Climb steeply,
Approach steeply,
Track upwind if crosswind,
Make sure lots of speed.
Does wake turbulence have any effect when the aircraft is on the ground?
Factors affecting Induced Drag?
As AOA Increases - Induced Drag Increases,
As Airspeed Increases - Induced drag decreases, Aspect ratio increases - Induced drag decreases
What is the Zero Lift Angle?
For a high aspect ratio what happens to the stalling angle of attack?
AOA is smaller
What is aspect ratio?
A Ratio of wingspan to chord.