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What is the first phrase of the poem and two ways that it is significant?

"on another occasion"

Signifies how this is not an uncommon thing to happen in war.

Also starts part way through action which makes reader feel a sense of confusion like new soldiers do in a war.

Which quote is repeated near the start and near the end of the poem?

"probably armed possibly not"

What structural feature is the repetition of "probably armed possibly not" and what effect does it have?

It is a cyclical structure and it shows how his mind keeps going back to that moment forever and has no end

What is the most significant piece of enjambment in the poem and why?

"and I swear I see every round as it rips through his life."

Shows the moment his life changed

Which quote does he include to show how the soldier does not want to be the only one at blame?

Somebody else and somebody else

Which pronoun is used for effect and how and where is it used?

the pronoun my is used increasingly towards the end of the poem.

This gives the effect that as the soldier returns home he begins to blame himself more and more for the incident and forgets about the others were involved.

Give 3 examples of casual language and what the effect is?

"Mates" "legs it" "tosses

Gives the poem a sense of realism as if we are being told first hand.

How is the casual language juxtaposed? With 3 examples

It is juxtaposed by the descriptive language afterwards which seems like it cannot be real.

"Inside out"

"Blood shadow"

"bloody life"

quote containing the word flush?

"drink and drugs won't flush him out"

What does "flushing him out" represent?

It represents how he is like a physical in the soldiers brain that he needs to remove.

What is the sybillance used in the poem? and why is it used?

"sun-stunned, sand-smothered"

Used to draw attention to the fact that it is a word with positive connotations followed by a word with negative connotations twice.

Shows how nothing is positive anymore and all positive things are overshadowed by negatives.

Which quote is a reference to Macbeth and how?

"bloody hands"

reference to the guilt they felt and how they could not wash the blood and guilt away