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Who said, "When we lack inaginal understanding, you can expect literal killing"?
James Hillman
A pluralist society has many different ________________
world views
institutions that make up society
basic structure
a reasonable citizen who can admit that their worldview is limited. The admission is called_______
Burdens of judgement
worldviews that offer deep explanations of what is good for human generally in the form of a system of values and ideals.
Comprehensive Doctrine
Comprehensive doctrines can be _______, ________ or _______ in nature
religious, philisophical or moral
Rawls conception of justice as expressed in his two principles
Justice as fairness
A model for thinking through the question of what is fair and just for a society whose citizens are considered free and equal. Everyone assumes a veil of ignorance
The original position
An agreement based on justice principles that are free standing, not grounded in a comprehensive doctrine
Overlapping concensus
Each person has an equal claim to basic liberties
First justice principle (justice as fairness)
Socioeconomic principles must satisfy two conditions: attached to positions open to all, and they are to benifit the least priveledged members of society
second principle of justice (justice as fairness)
By "rational", Rawls means___________
the ability which citizens have to direct their lives towards some good end.
By "reasonable", Rawls means____________
citizens have to cooperate justly in relation to one another, given the notion that all citizens are free and equal.
This idea means that no one is allowed to know the particulars of his or her own background since that information might prejudice the principles of justice being proposed.
Veil of Ignorance