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Dulce et Decorum Est: ( sweet and fitting it is)
• Talking to someone who’s wrong
• Patriotic
• Solom depressed midday
• Sudden change is tone when begins to describe gas
• Metaphor to drowning in gas
• Speakers attitude to listener: you have to understand what happens during war
• Final line: to die for ones country
A narrow fellow in the grass by Emily Dickenson :
• Describing a snake
• Speaker= boy
• What kind of comb?
• His notice is sudden, (his notice sudden is)0—caught off guard
• An encounter with fear
A route of evanescence:
• Describing a humming bird
• Evanescence= tending to vanish
• Resonance= continuing sound
• Analogy to speed- flying from tunis (Africa) to north America in one morning.
• Author Sylvia path- left two kids after she committed suicide at the age of 31
• Good use of visual imagery
• Romance
• Moon and candle, by a lke, reflection
• Unsure who is as a person
• Similie- like a terrible fish
• Occasion of the poem
• Feels betrayed
One Art:
• Style: Villanelle- a formal style
• Throughout the poem loss builds from loss of keys, hours, place, name opportunity, time, home
• Ryme with everyother line
• Referring to her lover who died, reflecting on the loss
• Art of loosing: something to relate to, resentful, reassuring
• How to deal with loss
• Each loosing takes on a different meaning
• Sentimental Value of loss accelerates
• Example of connotation
Those Winter Sundays:
• Creates a cool atmosphere- which reflects the relationship between father and son
• Hard working family
• Painted an emotional wall
• A confusing realationship caused by both men who are unable to express their feelings
• Son doesn’t fully appreciate all that the father does for the sun
• Perfect example of imagry
• Deeper roar connects wind to a lion
• Metaphor for a snake
• Focused on being alone with the world against him
• Solitude what life is like for hime to be alone
• Doesn’t have anyone to focus on
• Example of snake
*** It sifts from leaden sieves
• Snow, flour, not named
My Number:
• Death personified as a characeter, adds more personal hardship
• A conversation with death tells you that the speaker/author is afraid of death
• The authors description brings him closer to death and closer to himself
• Ironic because you would think he would not be afrid but hes anxious that hes gonna die
• Refrence to cancer cells brings it to life
• Title refers to his number at the deli counter when hes ready to die
Home Burial:
• The relationship summilar to one in a short story- two protagonists who do not see something from the same point of view
• This causes intense tension within the relationship
• They fight over how to grieve over their son
• No amount of time since the sun died
• Perfect iambic pentamiter
• Window reflects her perspective and the husband states that he never has looked out that window before
• Scared to express loss both husband and wife
• Resistant when accepting her view on grieving
• The womans grieving is framed permanent, different panes, tightly enclosed
The Fish:
• Lots of use with similes
• Connection with old wall paper- flakey
• Scars
• Pain
• Fishhoeks represent the harships for the fish