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What are the two general arthritic types?
Hypertrophic- more bone
Atrophic- bone is reduced
what is the most common arthritis?
Hypertrophic arthrities or
"DJD" Degenerative Joint disorder
(along with gouty arthritis)
What are microfractures in the joints called?
What are the subjective findings with osteoarthrities?
Limited movment
What are objective radiological findings with osteoarthritis?
Joint space narrowing
Joint surface flattening
Hyper dense (sclerotic)
Osteophytes (bone Spurs x2)
joint mice
Lipping- spurring on the dorsal aspect of a joint
Dorsal flag- lipping at the first
Suc chondral sclerosis
What are the major joint changes found in Osteoarthritis?
Joint space narrowing,
Joint surface flattening
Joint mice
What are the damages surrounding a joint in an individual with Osteoarthritis?
Lipping- spurring on the dorsal aspect of a joint
Dorsal flag- lipping at the first
what is the difference between Heberden's nodes and Bouchard's nodes?
Heberden's nodes are at the DIPJ
Bouchard is at the PIPJ
What is the type of Atrophic artritis listed in lecture?
Atrophic means reduced density
What are the major characteristics of RA? (based on this lecture)
Polyarticular- hits mutlipe joints
-symmetrical and bilateral
causes sever dislocations that can cause digit lesions under the Met heads
What is the difference in RA and Osteoarthritis?
RA-Polyarticular- hits mutlipe joints
-symmetrical and bilateral
causes sever dislocations that can cause digit lesions under the Met heads
Osteoarthritis hits one or two joints randomly
What are the characteristics of Juxta- Articular Erosions?
Occur with RA
occur usually on the medial side
cause a FIBULAR deviation
You should know subluxation vs dislocation by now.
subluxation is a % offset
Dislocated is 100% offset or 0% located
What are the characteristics of gouty arthritis?
Hypertrophic type
-increased blood flow to the area
-bone leeching at certain stages
-After many attacks it will cause bone thickening
What are the joint etiologies in gouty arthritis?
Earlyon the joint will have greater effusion- this is when you want to do an arthrocentesis
Later there will be jiong narrowing.
What are some radiological findings with Gouty arthritis?
Punched out lesions and
overhanging margins
Martel's sign
Advanced- Joint destruction
What are the common characteristics of Reactive arthritis?
It is a seronegative arthritidy- has to do with HLAB27
-Skin conditions
(check for STD)
What is different about the heel spur in individuals with reactive arthritis?
It is a fluffy heel spur, whereas the regular one is "sharp"
What are the steps of ankylosing spondylitis?
Vertebral squaring with shining corners
Syndesmophytes leads to
Bony bridging
Final- Bamboo spine
What are the two etiologies that lead to "fluffy heel spur"?
Ankylosing spondylitis and reactive arthritis
what are the signs of Psoriatic arthritis?
-Digit Pain
-Terminal whittling of proximal bone- Pencil in cup
-Sausage toe
How can you tell regular erosions of the toe joints vs gouty "punched out' lesions of the toe joints?
Erosions look like punched out lesions but gout doesn't usually hit the lesser toe joints.
At what point is an individual considered to have arthritis mutilans?
When the joint subluxation causes them to lose function in the extremity.
Where do we usually see sausage toe?
W/ Seronegatives, primarily psoriatic arthritis
Arthritis Mutilans
Bamboo Spine
Big Arrow - Syndesmophytes of Ankylosing Spondylitis
Bony Bridging Ankylosing Spondylitis
Distal Heberden Proximal Bouchard
Dorsal Flag
Fluffy Heel Spur
Fluffy heel spurs
Ghost bone osteoporosis
Got a bad case of da gout
Gouty Punched out lesions with some overhanging margins
Hypertrophic Degenerative Joint Disorder (Osteoarthritis)
Joint mouse osteoarthritis
Martels sign
Osteoarthritis Joint space narrowing- not gout (no chunks out)
Osteoarthritis Joint surface flattening
Overhanging margins
Pencil in Cup- Terminal whittling of proximal bone
Psoriatic Erosions- NOT gout
Stupid A$$ pirate jokes!