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What is the instruction for pregnant service women
are request for seperation normally granted
will pregnant women still stand watch
past week 28 only a 40 hour work week including duty
Existed prior to entrance
when pregnancy is deemed EPTE will the member be awarded maternity benefits
can a pregnant service member transfer overseas
-before 28 weeks
-not if giving for adoption
-adequate housing
can a pregnant woman stay onboard a ship
Yes, as long as underways doesn't place the member more than 6 hours from a hospital
when does the woman have to transfer from ship?
after 20th week
will pregnant women still be able to hold a flight status
yes , with a waiver
no ejection seats or solo flights
and pregnancy must be uncomplicated
pregnant service members can /cannot be ordered to unaccompanied tours of duty
pregnant women will be deferred from overseas if the are greater than how many weeks pregnant
28 or more
pregnant service women stationed overseas without available housing or adequate OB/GYN care will be transferred prior to what week of pregnancy
Conduct and disapline
same rules apply for pregnant members
must be treated fairly and pregnancy should not be considered as adverse on evaluation
Convalecent leave is how long
42 days unless more complications arise