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HR 80-180
RR 30-60
Bp 60-90/ 20-60
Infant Vital Signs
HR 75-160
RR 30-60
Bp 87-105/53-66
Toddler Vital Signs
HR 60-110
RR 24-40
Bp 95-105/ 53-66
Preschooler Vital Signs
HR 60-110
RR 22-34
Bp 95-110/56-70
School Age Vital Signs
HR 60-110
RR 18-30
Bp 97-112/ 57-71
Adolescent Vital Signs
HR 50-90
RR 12-16
Bp 112-128/66-80
Average weight gain
0-3 months
Average weekly gain 8oz weight

Average monthly gain 3.5cm
Average wt/ht gain
3-6 months
Average weekly gain 5 oz
Birth weight double by 4-6mo

Average montly gain 2 cm
Average wt/ht gain
Average weekly gain 3-5oz
Birth weight triples by 1 yr

Average monthly gain 1-1.5cm
Average wt/ht gains
1-3 year
Average yearly wt gain 4.4-6.6 pounds

Average yearly ht gain:
1-2yr: 12cm
2-3yr: 6-8cm

Height at 2yr is approx half of adult height
Average wt/ht gains
Average yealy wt gain 4-6 pounds

Averaly yearly ht gain 6-8cm
Average wt/ht gains
Average yearly wt gain 4-6 pounds

Average yearly ht gain 5cm
BMI < 14 years
Expected parameters
BMI >15 years
Expected parameters
Teeth eruption:
lower incisors
6 months
Teeth eruption:
central incisors
6-8 months
Teeth eruption:
lateral incisors
7-9 months
Teeth eruption:
1st molars
12-24 months
Teeth eruption:
16-18 months
Teeth eruption:
2nd molars
20-24 months
Teeth eruption:
All primary teeth
Erupt by 2 years
Teeth eruption:
Permanent teeth
Erupt 5-6 years, with all 32 by teens
Closing of posterior fontanelle
4 months
Closing of anterior fontanelle
Decreases in size at 6mo
Closes at 9-18 months
aerated at birth
aerated at birth
aerated by 5-6 years
aerated by 5-6 years
Tanner Stage 1 Hair
No true pubic hair
Tanner 2 Hair
Sparse growth of slighlty pigmented, downy hair
Only slight curl
Mainly at base of penis or along labia
Tanner 3 Hair
Increase in hair, which is becoming coarses, curled and darker
Tanner 4 Hair
Adult type hair, but limited in area
No spread to medial surface of thighs.
Tanner 5 Hair
Adult type hair with spread to thighs
Tanner 1 breast development
Elevation of papilla only
Tanner 2 Breast development
Breast bud stage
Elevation of breast and papilla as small mound.
Increase diamete or areola
Tanner 3 Breast development
Further enlargement of breast and areola with no separation of contours
Tanner 4 Breast development
Areola projected above level of breast as secondary mound
Tanner 5 Breast development
Mature stage
Recession of areola mound to the general contour of breast.
Projection of only papilla.
Eye exam
0-2 years
Examine eyelids/orbits/external anatomy
Assess pupils & red reflex
>3mo should fix
corneal light reflex
Vision with unilteral cover test

Visual acuity
1yr: 20/40, 180 degree range
Eye exam
3-5 years
Opthalmoscopy after age 4yr
Unilateral cover test at 10ft
abnormal < 4 of 6 correct on a line

Visual acuity
3-4yr: 20/30
Eye exam
Opthalmoscopy with vision
Alignment with unilateral cover test
Snellen at 10ft

Visual acuity
6yr: 20/25 or 20/20