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What is the purpose of promotional activities?
INFORM, PERSUADE, or REMIND consumers houw your products can help satisfy their NEEDS
Advertisments and promotions
All advertisements are promotions, but all promotions are not advertisments
Identify promtion targets
1)geographic area served
2)demographic groups
3)insurance comp/PBMs, PDPs, govts/employesr, other HCPs)
What are the four methods used to determine the size of the promotional budget?
2)percentage of sales
define percentage of sales
spend present percentage of sales on promotions (treats promotions as a result of sales)
explain affordable
spend on promotions only after all other expenses have been paid (treats promotions as a luxury rather than a necessity)
explain competitive parity
base your promotional budget on your competitor's (ingores your promotional goals and objectives)
What are 3 characteristics of advertising?
3)identified sponsor
What is pervasiveness?
messages can be REPEATED multiple times in multiple formats
What factors should be considrered when choosing media for pharmacy advertising?
2)advertising objectives
4)media habits of your target audience
What are characteristics of public relations?
1)high credibility
2)catch buyers off guard
4)low/no cost
5)loss of control
(news stories, volunteering)
What are the keys to developing good public relations?
1)health related message of interest to public
2)win-win-win for public, media, and pharmacy
3)develop relationships requires time
What is cultivation in personal selling?
opportunities to develop personal relationships and freindships,w hich often result in increased sales and loyalty
What are the characteristics of personal selling?
1)personal confrontation
What are examples of personal selling in the pharmacy?
1)sales reps
2)detailing physicians
3)face-face contact w/ pts
This method of promotion should be used wen you need to get a message to a large number of people in a short amount of time
This form of promotion should be used to inform hard-to-reach consumers of a new good or service and to enhance credibility
public relations
This method of promotion is used when you want to quickly increase the number of people using a good or service
sales promotions
This method of promotion is used when you want to deliver a detailed or complex message directly to those most likley to benefit from a good or service, and to obtain feedback from potential consumers
personal selling
What are 4 methods used to measure promtional effectiveness?
1)consumer rquests about advertisment
2)market research/testing
3)coupon counts
4)sales of promoted products and services
What are the stages of a product life cycle?
what are examples of pharmaceutical products in introduction phase
medication therapy management services
''' growth phase
immunizations; online prescribing
'''' maturity phase
tylenol; community pharmacies
'''' decline phase
What is zone of tolerance?
the difference between the desired and adequate levels of service
define technical quality
consumer perceptions of WHAT was actually received from a service (consumers not best judge)
define funtional quality
consumer perception about HOW a service was perofremd (consumers better judge)
what conditions are necessary for exchanage to take place?
1)atleast 2 parties
2)each party has something that might be of value to other
3)capable of communication/delivery
4)free to accept/reject offer
5)appropriate/desirable to deal with the other