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Which of the following is an output of defining activities?
(A) Milestone list
(B) Decomposition
(C) Activity List Updates
(D) Activity Dependencies
(A) Milestone list is an output of Defining Activies.
Which of the following is NOT a tool for Control Schedule?
(A) Change requests
(B) Resource leveling
(C) Variance Analysis
(D) Performance Reviews
(A) Change requests are an Output for Control schedule, not a tool
Which of the following is NOT a type of network logic used in establishing activity dependencies?
(A) Critical Logic
(B) Hard Logic
(C) Preferential Logic
(D) External Logic
(A)Critical Logic has nothing to do with network logic
In displaying resulting schedule, Bar Charts, would generally illustrate ___ better than network diagrams
Progress or status.

Bar charts are good for showing status.
Which is the least correct statement about the critical path?
(A) The critical path is the shortest time in which the project can be completed.
(B) The critical path is the longest path
(C) The critical path has the least float
(D) The critical path has zero float.
(D) Critical path has 0 float unless you are behind then you have negative float. Choices, A, B, C are always true.
The project activity list should generally:
(A) Be organized by WBS element
(B) Include only those activities on the critical path
(C) Include only those activities with confirmed resource assignments
(D) Include only those activities with confirmed start dates
(A) is most correct

B,C,D limit themselves with the word "Only"
If the end date is later then desired date, which can be done:
(A) Start non-critical path activities at early start dates
(B) Determine what can be done in parallel
(C) Add more resources to critical path activities
(D) Netogiat a reduced scope for any activies with neg float
(B) is best answer.

(A) Won't help get it done early.
(C) Crashing costs money
(D) Is last option
Lag time is ..
Waiting Time!
When are Order of Magnitude Estimates made?
Management Reserve is intended to ...
Reserve the chance of cost overrun
Analysis of payback periods determines
when the project will become profitable most quickly.
Cost accounts are
the lowest level at which oranization responsibilities are assigned.
What does a CPI of < 1 indicate?
A CPI of < 1 indicates a negative variance. You have a cost overrrun!