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Which process is applied to break down the project into smaller, more manageable elements?

Scope Planning.
Activity Duration Estimating.
Scope Definition.
Scope Verification.
Answer: C
All of the following statements concerning project stakeholders are true except

Differences between or among stakeholders should be resolved in favor of the customer.
Managing stakeholder expectations may be difficult because stakeholders often have very different objectives, that may come into conflict.
Project stakeholders may influence the course of the project and its results.
Differences between or among stakeholders should be resolved in the most cost efficient manner consistent with project objectives.
Answer: D
Which of the following statements is not true?

Standards and regulations are mandatory.
According to ISO, standards are not mandatory, but regulations are.
Standards often begin as guidelines that are not mandatory.With later widespread adoption, they can become de facto regulations.
Standards and regulations are socio-economic influences to a project
Where is the result node (outcome) shown on a typical Ishikawa or Fishbone diagram?

C.Right hand side.
What are workarounds in project management?

A.Workarounds are essentially the same as rework.
B.Workarounds are alternative strategies.
C.Workarounds are unplanned responses to emerging risks that were previously unidentified or accepted.
D.Workarounds are activities performed according to applicable contingency plans
What are faits accomplis?

A.A French dinner after a kick-off meeting.
B.Unachievable deliverables.
C.Accomplished objectives.
D.Decisions made earlier which limit the options for decision making.