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Chap 4 Domain: Planning and Project Performance Section: Create the WBS
Define Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
A deliverable heirarchical decomposition of work to be executed by the project team
Identify the Purpose of Work Breakdown Strucure (WBS)
To sub-divide deliverables into smaller componentsaka: Decomposition
Why is the Work Breakdown Structure important?
The WBS identifies the full scope of the work identified to be accomplished by projectThis is inturn used for the following:1. Estimating Project Cost and Time2. Scheduling Resources3. Determining Project Controls
Identify the imputs of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
1. Organizational Process Assets2. Project Scope Statement3. Project Scope Management Plan4. Approved Change Request
Which of the WBS inputs is the most important
Project Scope Statement, because it contains the work of the project and only the work of the project
Descibe WBS decompositions 1st of 5 Steps.
Step 1. Identify All major Deliverables and related work via expert Judgement technique
Descibe WBS decompositions 2nd of 5 Steps.
Step 2. Organize the WBS and Idenfity WBS Structure-must describe product service or result in verifiable terms
Descibe WBS decompositions 3rd of 5 Steps.
Step 3. Decompose the WBS levels into Lower Level Components
Descibe WBS decompositions 4st of 5 Steps.
Step 4. Assign I.D Codes to the WBS components
Descibe WBS decompositions 5th of 5 Steps.
Step 5. Verify Decomposition is Clear and Complete
Idenfify 4 ways to organize the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
1. Major Deliverables and Subprojects2. Subprojects executed outside the project team3. Project Phases4. Combination Approach
At what level is the first level of decompostion?
Level One
What is the lowest level of any Work Breakdown Structure Called?
Work Package
Each component of the WBS should be described how?
Clearly and completely and identify how work of project will be performed and controlled
Should Activities be listed in WBS? PMBOKs opinion?
Can Be. Benefical in smaller projects but not benefical in large complex projectsNot identified in PMBOK but PMBOK decomposes them in Activities Definition Process
WBS Templates are a tool of what?
Create Work Breakdown Structure
Define Rolling Wave Planning
Process of elaborting on deliverables, project phases, or sub-projects in the WBS to differing levels of decompostion depending on the expected day of work.
Describe Unique WBS Identifiers
I.Ds given to each element of each identifier.Used to sum, track cost, schedule resources of WBS elements.
What are a collection of WBS Identifiers Called
Code of Accounts
Define a Work Package
The lowest level of the WBS. Consists of Components that can be easily assingned to one person, or team, with clear accountability and responsibility for completing the assignment
Identify 6 outputs of the Create WBS process
1. Project Scope Statement Updates2. Work Breakdown Structure3. WBS Dictionary4. Scope Baseline5. Project Scope Management Updates6. Requested Changes
Define the Work Breakdown Dictionary
Where the work component descriptions are documented
The WBS should include what elements for each WBS component
1. Code of Accounts Identifier2. Statement of Work (Describes Work of Component)3. Organization Responsible for Completing the Component4. List of Schedule UpdatesAdditional but not required by PMBOK5. Contract Information6. Quality Requirement for the component7. Technical References that Assist the responsiblity party with Defining Performance of Work
Define The Scope Baseline
The Approved 1. Scope Statement2. WBS 3. WBS Dictionary
Define the purpose of the Scope Baseline
In detail these documents descibe all work of the project. In turn this is used to docment schedules, assign resources, monitor and control work of project
Define Communications Planninig Process
Determining the Communication needs of the Stakeholder by defining the types of information needed. Such as:Format for communicating InfoHow often it is distrubutedWho prepares for it.
The communications Planning proces is Documented Where?
Communications Management Plan
Define the inputs of Communications Planning Process
Enterprise Enviirnomental FactorsOrganizational Process AssetsProject Scope StatementConstraints and Assumptions Elements of the Project Plan
PMBOK makes special note of what elements with in Communication Plannng Inputs
Lessons Learned and historical information elements. Both reside in organizational Process Assets Inputs
What does the project Scope Statement Do?
Provides a common understanding of Project Scope among the stakeholders and serves as a Basis for future Projects Discussions.
Define Quality Planning Process
Concernced with Targeting Quality Standards that are relevant to project at hand. Devising a Plan to meet and satisfy those standards.
What Process / Plan is Quality Planning Incorporated?
Planning Process / Project Management Plan
Identify Quality Planning Process Inputs.
1. Enterprise Envirnonmental Factors2. Organizatonal Process Assets3. Project Scope Statementx4. Project Management Plan
Identify 2 key elements of Quality Planning Process Inputs
1. Standards and Regulations within Environmental Factors. 2. Quality Policy within Organizational Process Assets Inputs.
Define a Standard
Something that is approved by a recognized body that employs rules, guidelines, characteristics that should be followed.
Define a Regulation
Mandatory rules to follow.
Define Purpose of Project Management Plan and what it is userful for.
Defines how the subidary plans will be defined and integrated into the overall project Manangent Plan. It is rich in constraints and assumptions that should be reviewed as they pertain to stakeholder communications needs
Identify 2 tools / techniques for Communications Planning Process
Communications Requirements AnalysisCommunications Technology
Define Communications Requirements Analysis
Analysing and determining the communications needs of the project holders
Identify Methods to help determing Communication Needs
1. Company and Department Organizational Charts2. Stakeholder Relationships3. Other Departments and Business units involved on the project4. The number of resources involved on the project and where they are involved in relation to project activities5. External needs that organiztion like media, gov't, Industry groups mayhave that require communication updates6. Communication needs that are internal to the company7. Stakeholder Information
Define Network Model and Formula.
Consist of Nodes with Lines Connecting NodesLines indicate the number of Command Channels.The Nodes = the number of Particpants.Lines of Communication = N(N-1)/2
Define Communication Technology
Examines the methods used to communicate the information. To, From, and Among the Stakeholders
Identify the Output of the Communication Planning Process
Communications Management Plan
Identify What Contents are in the Communciations Management Plan
1. Name of Item to be Commicated. 2 Purpose for Communication. 3. Frequendy of Communication. 4. Time Frame for distrubution, with Start to End Dates. 5. Format of Communication and Method of Transmission. 6. Person Responsible for Distrubuting
Define Quality Policy
A guideline published by executive management that describes what quality policies should be adopted for projects that company undertakes.
Quality Policy is part of what process input
Organizational Process Asset
Identify 5 Tools and Techniques used to develop the Quality Management Plan
Cost Benefit AnalysisBench Marking Design of ExperimentsCost of QualityAdditional Quality Planning Tools
Identify Primary Cost of Meeting Quality Requirements
Expenses Incurred while performing Quality Management Activities
Define Bench Marketing
Comparing previous similiar activities to the current project Activities
Define Design of Experiments
Statiscal technique that allows you to change all important variables at once rather than one at a time.
Define Cost of Quality
The Total Cost to produce the product or service of the project according to the quality standards
Define Prevention Cost
Cost assoicated with satisfying customer requirements by producing a product w/ out defects
Appraisal Cost
Cot expended to examine the product or process and make certain the requirements are being met
Failure Cost
2 TypesInternal Cost are expended while product is still in control or organizationExternal Cost are expended after product reached customer
Identify Philip Crosby
outlined the zero defects practice. AKA. Do the right thing. Key is prevention
Identify Joseph M. Juran
Fitness for use conceptExpectations are met or exceeded. Proposed "Grades of Quality"
Identify Edwards Deming
Suggested 85% of the cost of Quality is Managements ProblemFounder of Total Quality Management(TQM).
Define Total Quality Management
Quality Must be managed and must be a continuous process
Define Six Sigma
Measured Based TQM Strategy. Strives for 3.4 defects per Million
Define 2 Types of Six Sigma
DMADV- Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify. Used to develop new products or servicesDMAIC- Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Controlused to Improve existing prducts or services.
Define Kaizan
Japanese Philosphy, Continous Improvement, Improve Quality of People First
Identify Additional Quality Plannin Tools
Brainstorming. Flow Charts. Affinity Diagrams. Force Field Analysis. Matrix Diagram. Prioritization Matrices.
Identify Quality Planning Outputs
Quality Metrics. Quality Checklist. Process Improvements Plan. Quality Baseline. Project Management Plan Baseline.
Define Quality Management Plan
Describes how the project Management will enact the Quality Policy.
Quality Metrics are also known as:
Operational Definition
Define Quality Metric
Describes what is being measured and how it will be measured by the "Perform Quality Control Process".
Identify 2 Areas where checklist shows up. One is a process the other is a tool/technique.
Output of Quality Planning Process. Tool / Technique of the Risk Identified Process
Define Process Improvement Plan
Focuses on Finding Ineffciencies.