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What is a project?
have a distinct beginning and end, completed by a team of people, have time and cost restraints.
How is a project initiated?
By a person or group whon notices a problem or opportunity and takes action to complete the problem.
What attributes characterize a project?
Projects are unique and projects have a purpose have a life cycle, have interdependancies
What is project management?
Directing a coordinating and coordinating various resources throughtout the life of a project in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations.
How does project management relate to other managerial functions?
Most of the knowledge and skills that a project manager neeeds are unique to the project management process
How is a project related to a program?
What is the difference between product and project management?
The goal of project product management is to manage a product life cycle from start to finish. Project Management -- is to satisfy the needs and expectations of a customer by using a distinct group of processes.
What is a project-driven organization?
it fosters an environment in which all work is completed using projects.
What is a key characteristic of project management?
It requires a group of individuals who are dedicated to achieving the project goal
What are some pitfalls to avoid when managing a project?
Selecting the wrong project manager, selecting the appropriate individuals, Inadequately defined tasks
What occurs when a project is not well-managed?
It will not produce a successful outcome
What are the five steps of the project management process?
initiating, planning, controlling, executing, and closing
How do the five steps of the project management process work together?
Provides the necessary structure, focus, and organizatioon to successfully complete any project
What are the variables involved in the project management process?
initiating, planning, controlling, executing, and closing
What characteristics should be considered before beginning the project management process?
Project environment, Project manager, Project team
What are the pitfalls in managing a project.
Choosing the wrong project manager, selecting inappropriate team members, defining tasks inadequately, having unclear expectations, lacking resources, lacking support
Why is the project's cultural environment important?
The cultural environment of a project can influence the team member's attitude and their desire to achieve the project goal
What is the external environment of a project?
Parent Organization, politcal environment, current industrial conditions, geographical settings and social commitments
What is a project stakeholder?
project manager, project team, the public, parent organization, the customer
How do stakeholders influence the project?
Need to feel appreciated, outline specific requirements they want the project to meet. Specific requirements they want the project to achieve
How do socioeconomic influences affect project management?
Governmental standards and regulatioins, international issues, social and cultural influences
What organizational influences affect project management?
Organizational values, beliefs, and expectations; structure of the organization. The organization's project philosophy
How does an organization's structure affect project management?
Define the project objectives, determine the key tasks associated with each objective, establish the functional departments each task would fall inot within the parent organization, consider the individuals who will do the work and the customer who is bei
What is a functional project organizational structure?
Generally, the project would be assigned to functional department that can add the most resources, be the most helpful in implementing the project, or ensure the project's success
What are the advantages of using a functional project organizational structure?
Individual experts from functional departments can be used when needed, the functional departments contain a pathe of professional growth and advancement for the project team member, There is a flexibility in the use of staff from the functional departmen
What are the disadvantages of using a functional project organizational structure?
No one is given ful responsibility for the project, slow response to client needs, team less motivated, project issues outside of the realm of the functional department are frequently not given much focus
What is a purely project organizational structure?
When a project is separated from the rest of the parent organization and becomes a self contained unit
What are the advantages of using a purely project organizational structure?
communicating is easier, report directly to the project manager, PM has full authority over the project
What are the disadvantages of using a purely project organizational structure?
inconsistent in the way they carry out policies and procedures, rivalries develop, anxiety as project nears completion, duplication of effort
What is the matrix organizational form?
combines functional organizational form and the project organizational form in order to combine the advantages and overcome the disadvantage of both
What is the difference between a weak and a strong matrix organization?
Strong -- one that is similar to a pure project organization
Acquiring adequate resources
Determine when resource trade-off can be made, when more resources are necessary, and how to acquire them
Acquiring and motivating team members
Motivating team members to do work
Dealing with crises
Ability to cope with uncertainty and change is vital for surmonting obstacles
Making trade-offs
Determing which variable is the most important for achieving the final goal.
Communication between all groups
Developing solid information network provides access to the knowledge that all project managers need to communicate to others. Setting up communication channels with all interested parties helps disseminate information easily and effectively
What three issues must be addressed when staffing the project?
What resources are required for the job 2) Determine of resources come from within or outside of the organization 3) The type of organizational structure that a project adopts must be determined.
Who are the key team members involved in a project?
The project manager, and manager or supervisory personnel, key people with unique knowledge
What are the staffing options when creating a project team?
Using people within the organization 2) contracting with consultants, hiring new staff
How should a skills inventory be used to choose a project team?
Used to pick the best project team possible
What is the benefit of using individuals from inside the organization?
You may already have access to them, and you may already know their strengths and weaknesses
How can a project manager acquire individuals from inside the organization?
Should meet with the upper level managers or direst supervisors for the the individual.
What issues should be addressed when team members come from various departments?
Get approval for an individuals's participation from the functional manager 2) how much training will be required 3) determine if the individual is worth being on the team 4) consider if another manager is offering the employee because they are unsuccessf
When should staff come from outside the organization?
What is the benefit of hiring outside the organization?
What qualities should project team members possess?
What pitfalls can occur when staffing a project?
Difficulty adusting to multiple managers, no understanding of teamwork, lack of manager cooperation, not used to self management, fewer formal procedures and role definition, less loyalty to project
What are some barriers to project team development?
Differing priorities, role conflict, unclear goals, ill-defined reporting structures, lack of commitment, poor communication, training undervalued
What situations may require termination of an employee from a project?
Does not accept rules or procedures or don not acknowledge formal authority, more concerned with their own goals than with the project's, or if they are incompetent
Is team building an ongoing process?
Provide training, reassign tasks
How can a need for team building be identified?
Changes in performance, energy level, verbal and non verbal cues, negative behavior
Who should report directly to the project manager?
Individuals with whom you will communicate regularly should report directly to you.
What is the project office?
is a standalone entity developed to support the project manager in carrying out the project duties and is usually used for large projects
How is a project office staffed?
People with special skills, project coordinator, accountant, and documentation personnel