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What should be used when choosing a position for concealment?
A background that will absorb personnel or an object
What is the term used to describe the relative characteristics of a surface, whether the surface is part of an object or area?
What does texture affect?
The tone and apparent coloration of things through absorption and scattering of light
What is an aid to the observer where there is contrast between the color of an object and its background?
What may be used to screen and or stain equipment so that it blends into the background?
Vegetation and other materials found locally
When is sound amplified, revealing signal?
At night (movement must be careful, quiet and close to the ground)
What is the most common deterrent to successful evasion?
A negative attitude
What directs personnel to begin planning their escape the minute they are taken prisoner?
The Code of Conduct
What does escape demand?
Physical stamina - stamina that must be aquired under the worst conditions imaginable
When abandoning ship, why should you not panic and don't give up hope?
Because the Navy knows you're missing and is searching for you
What action is required during the prepare to abandon ship stage?
All personnel go topside and muster at their abandon ship stations, don life jackets and rig lines and ladders over the side
Why is it important to know escape routes?
Because the habit of using the same hatches and ladders day after day becomes so strong that a person finds it difficult to use other routes
Whenever possible, what clothing should be worn when abandoning ship?
Be fully clothed whenever possible
Which side of the ship should be used to abandon a ship?
Whichever side is lower in the water
What part of the ship should be used to abandon a ship if the propellers are turning?
The bow
Whenever possible, why should you abandon a ship from the windward side?
Because leaving from the lee side might protect you from a stiff wind, but the same wind causes the ship to drift down on you (often faster than you can swim)
How should you enter the water when jumping to abandon a ship?
Feet first, legs together and body erect
Once you are in the water, after abandoning ship, how far should you try to swim before resting?
150 to 200 yards
What precaution should be taken if you are safely away from an abandoned ship, but there is a danger of an underwater explosion?
Float or swim on your back with your head and chest as far out of the water as possible.
After abandoning ship, how should you float in shark infested waters?
Lie still and keep your arms and legs from dangling