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what is a project?
a temporary endeavor with a beginning and an end
creates a unique product, service or result
what is project management?
process groups, knowledge areas and professional and social responsibility
what are the process groups?
initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and control, closing
What are the pm knowledge areas?
project management framework, project management processes, integration, scope, time cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk and procurement management.
What is a program?
a group of projects which are related
what is a portfolio?
a portfolio can be generally described as a group of programs
What does the PMO office do?
provides policies, methods, templates for managing projects.
provides support, guidance, training, provides tools. Assigns projects and responsible for the results of those projects
PMO is an org structure not a person....
manage interdependencies between projects - help provide resources - terminate projects - monitor compliance and other org processes - gather lessons learned - keep history -- provide templates - provide guidance - centralize communications - more involved in initiating, provide change control, be a stakeholder, prioritize
A PMO must
be clearly defined, be PMP certified, be supported by executive management, improve overall performance
project objectives are contained in the
project charter
projects are considered complete
when the objectives have been met
a reason for terminating a project before completion is
that the project objectives cannot be met
It is the project mangers role to accomplish
the project objectives
The reason for quality activities is to
make sure the project meets its objectives
risk management enhances opportunities and
reduces threats to the project objectives
things that could negatively impact the project objectives
should be watched and tracked
typical things that negatively impact projects are risk and stakeholder influence
projects often require trade-offs between the requirements and
the objectives
project objectives are determined in the
initiating process group and refined
in the planning process group
one purpose of a project management plan process is to
determine how work will be accomplished to meet project objectives.
establishes unambiguous and realistic objectives - periodically evaluates if objectives are being met - implements corrective action
Constraints are....
time, resources, scope, cost, risk, quality and customer satisfaction
what is OPM3
it is PMI project management maturity model -- it helps the organization determine their level of maturity
What is stakeholder?
Stakeholders are people or organizations whose interests math be positively or negatively impacted by the project
what are the different organizational forms?
functional, projectized, matrix
What types of matrix
strong matrix - power lies with the project manager, weak matrix power lies with the functional manager and the pm is a coordinator
Project expediter
a person like a staff assistant and communications coordinator, cannot make decisions
project coordinator
coordinate and has some power to make decisions, some authority and reports to a higher level manager
product life cycle
lasts from the conception of the new project to it's withdrawal, can spawn many projects over its life
project life cycle
two methods ... project life cycle to complete the work, then PM methodology for managing the project
Lessons learned document
what was done right, done wrong, what would be done differently