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prof-it profit
cab-in cabin
lim-it limit
him-self himself
ex-it exit
rob-in robin
wag-on wagon
prod-uct product
rud-dy ruddy
fuz-zy fuzzy
mop-ping mopping
hol-ly holly
pop-py poppy
mud-dy muddy
hop-ping hopping
pen-ny penny
fu-ry fury
ru-by ruby
Ka-ty Katy
ho-ly holy
ra-ven raven
pro-gram program
ha-zy hazy
la-zy lazy
pok-ing poking
cur-ing curing
bik-ing biking
mop-ing moping
hop-ing hoping
rid-ing riding
hid-ing hiding
doz-ing dozing
bik-er biker
rid-er rider
mak-er maker
bak-er baker
top tops
duck ducks
sing sings
cat cats
peg pegs
hum hums
batch batch-es batches
gush gush-es gushes
fish fish-es fishes
fizz fizz-es fizzes
inch inch-es inches
kiss kiss-es kisses
cans dishes pans matches
jugs wishes mugs batches
kicks bashes licks catches
tops rushes mops fizzes
pegs fishes kegs rings
racks sacks packs backs
bells quizzes gushes inches
kisses catches matches patches