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Standards and Expectations # 1
I will extend the helping hand to all who seek it, and will not refrain from asking the same in return
Standards and Expectations # 2
I will display gentlemen like conduct worthy of brotherhood, when participating in chapter events as well as in every day life and will respect the brotherhood at all times.
Standards and Expectations # 3
I will meet all academic standards as required by the brotherhood and will strive for no less than a 2.75 GPA
Standards and Expectations # 4
Pledge pins are to be worn at all ties, over the heart, expect when instructed by the Marshal
Standards and Expectations # 5
For the sake of a healthy environment, I will do all in my power to keep the chapter's property cleaned and maintained.
Standards and Expectations # 6
I will not misue or condone the misuse of alcohol or drugs.
Standards and Expectations # 7
I will attend all chapter funsions unless properly and specifically excused by the Marshal
Standards and Expectations # 8
I will not speak about the pledge process nor will I divulge any secrets or actions taken by the fraternity with non-members of Theta Chi
Standards and Expectations # 9
I will responsibly take full accountablitiy for an and all actions that I perform
Standards and Expectations # 10
I understand that any type of unacceptable behavior by any one pledge will result in the punishment of the entire pledge class, for the actions of one reflect upon the whole